‘Little Mermaid’ Director Reflects on Moment Halle Bailey First Sang Movie’s Song!


Rob Marshall, who is directing the upcoming “The Little Mermaid,” had a natural reaction when he heard Halle Bailey sing “Part of Your World” for the first time.

In an article that came out Monday in British Vogue, the director said that Bailey was the first person to try out for the part of Ariel in Disney’s new live-action remake and that her performance made him cry.

He said, “She came in and sang “Part of Your World.” “By the time it was over, I was in tears. I couldn’t believe how deep, honest, simple, and passionate she was in the song. It was really sad.”

Marshall continued to praise Bailey’s work on the movie, saying that as an actor, she “understood nuance, she understood the truth, and she showed all of those wonderful colors that Ariel needs.”

He also said that “hundreds of other people” had tried out for the part in the movie, which is set to come out in theaters on May 26, but Bailey had “set the bar” with his performance.

“And no one has ever gone further than that,” he said. Marshall told the magazine that he first noticed Bailey when she and her sister Chloe Bailey sang “Where is the Love” by Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack at the 2019 Grammys.


“‘She looks like an angel,'” the director remembered saying at the time. On Wednesday, Disney put out Bailey’s version of “Part of Your World” and a new trailer for the movie. Bailey has talked more than once about how important her upcoming part is.

Even though she has gotten racist comments online because she is a Black woman playing a well-known Disney princess, the singer has been focusing on how important it is that she was put in the role.

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In November, she told E! News that she was moved by videos of kids’ reactions to her performance of “Part of Your World” in September.



“It just makes me cry,” said the star. “It means a lot to me that all these little Black and Brown babies will be able to feel like they are represented. I’m sure that if I’d had that when I was younger, it would have changed a lot about who I am and how I see myself.”

Bailey was caught on tape last month having a sweet moment with a young “Little Mermaid” fan at Orlando, Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort.

A film clip of Bailey holding the little girl and getting a tight hug from her can be found online. Someone outside the shot can be heard saying, “Ariel’s her favorite.”