Lance Bass’ Net Worth: The Rise of a Pop Star Turned Entrepreneur!

lance bass net worth

James Lance Bass is an American who can sing, dance, act, make movies, and make TV shows. He grew up in Mississippi and became famous as the bass singer for the American pop boy band NSYNC.

The success of NSYNC led Bass to work in movies and TV. He was in the 2001 movie On the Line, which was also made by his company, Bacon & Eggs. Bass later started a second production company called Lance Bass Productions.

He also ran a music marketing company with Mercury Records called Free Lance Entertainment, which is no longer in business.

After NSYNC’s PopOdyssey Tour was over, Bass went to Star City, Russia, in a well-known attempt to get a seat on a Soyuz space capsule for space tourism.

After a few months of training as a cosmonaut, both NASA and the Russian Space Program gave Bass their approval. He planned to join the TMA-1 trip to the International Space Station.

Bass was not allowed to go on the mission, though, because the people who helped pay for him pulled out. In a cover story for People magazine in July 2006, Bass said he was gay.

In October 2006, the Human Rights Campaign gave him the Visibility Award, and in October 2007, his book, Out of Sync, hit the New York Times Best Seller list.

Early Life


James Lance Bass was born in Laurel, Mississippi, on May 4, 1979. James Irvin Bass Jr., a medical assistant, and Diane are Bass’s parents. Bass and his older sister, Stacy, grew up in Ellisville, Mississippi, which is right next to it.

Bass became interested in space when he was a young boy. When he was 9, he went to Cape Canaveral, Florida, with his father to see his first live space shuttle launch. He went to a camp in Titusville, Florida, that was about space.

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How Much Money Does Lance Bass Have?

Lance Bass is an American who sings, dances, acts, makes movies, hosts TV shows, and writes books. Lance Bass is worth $20 million dollars. Lance Bass made hearts beat faster as a part of the very popular boy band NSYNC in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

In the early days of the band, everyone agreed that Lance could sing well, but he wasn’t the best dancer. At one point, a recording contract was given to NSYNC, but only if they got rid of Lance.

The group wouldn’t sign anything without him, and he worked hard to get better at dancing. Everything else is history. NSYNC sold 56 million records after that. Their CDs “No Strings Attached” and “Celebrity” are the ones that have sold the most copies the fastest of all time.

In 2002, the group took a break from their busy touring and recording routine by going on hiatus. While they were all taking a break, Justin Timberlake started making his own music, and that was the end of the group.

The news that the group had officially broken up broke the hearts of millions of people. After the group broke up, he became an actor and studied for a few months in Russia to become a cosmonaut.

“Out of Sync,” his story, came out in 2007 and went straight to the top of the New York Times Bestseller list. In a cover story for People magazine in July 2006, Bass said that he is gay. In October 2006, he won the Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award.



When Bass was still in high school, Justin Timberlake and his mother, Lynn, called him and asked if he would like to try out for a new pop group called NSYNC.

Timberlake knew of Bass because his voice coach had worked with Bass when Bass was with the Mississippi Show Stoppers. Bass wanted to try out for the band, and when he did, he got in. This made him drop out of high school and move to Orlando, Florida.

He started practicing every day, which was important because Bass was way behind the rest of the band when it came to learning the dance moves. He was almost kicked out of the band because he danced.

A music executive asked that he be replaced, but Bass’s partners wouldn’t sign a contract without him. In the end, they signed the contract, and the band went to Germany to record their first album.

The group was first successful in Europe. In 1997, they moved back to the United States and signed with the American record label RCA. Their first single, “I Want You Back,” came out and was soon played a lot on the radio, making NSYNC a big deal quickly.

They went on tour and played to sold-out crowds. As time went on, their popularity kept growing. They put out the album “No Strings Attached” in March 2000. It sold 1.1 million copies on its first day, making it the fastest-selling record of all time.

Just a year later, NSYNC followed up on this success with their next record, “Celebrity.” This album became the second fastest-selling album ever, behind only their first record. In the end, the band sold more than 56 million songs around the world.


But in 2002, Timberlake left the band to focus on his solo business, and since then, the band hasn’t made any music together.


Bass has said that Timberlake’s choice hurt him at first, but that he and Timberlake now get along well and that he doesn’t hold any bad feelings toward his former bandmate.

NSYNC was at its most popular when Bass started doing a few acting jobs. He was a guest star on the WB drama “7th Heaven,” and then he got his first leading part in the movie “On the Line” in 2001.

But the movie didn’t do well at the box office and made a lot less money than it cost to make. Bass kept doing small parts on TV and in movies, and he also did voice work for a number of animated shows.

He also competed on the seventh season of “Dancing with the Stars” and came in third. Bass has also worked as a producer and started his own business, Lance Bass Productions, which is not related to music or acting.

He has also been the host of a daily Sirius XM radio show.