Is Karen Gillan Pregnant? The Truth About Her Pregnancy Rumors!

Is Karen Gillan Pregnant

Karen Gillan has established herself in the cinema and television industries as a notable actor, writer, and director. Her most recognizable roles are as Nebula in the MCU and Amy Pond in the long-running British science fiction series Doctor Who.

Gillan has starred in various blockbuster movies. Some of these include Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and its sequel, The Next Level. Plus, Oculus, is a horror film that received high praise from critics. Gillan has made a name for herself in the entertainment business because of her fresh approach and range as an actress.

Is Karen Gillan Pregnant?

There is currently no evidence that Karen Gillan is pregnant. Although there have been rumors swirling online, the actress has made no public announcements about her pregnancy or plans to start a baby.


Karen Gillan has maintained a low profile in regard to her family and relationships because she values their privacy. Many men have been said to be her romantic interests, but she has never confirmed any of them.


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The actress’s fans have been speculating that she might be pregnant because of the changes they’ve noticed in her appearance, such as a minor weight increase and a shift in her style of clothing. Other factors, such as individual choice or forthcoming responsibilities, may also be at play in these transformations.

Until Karen Gillan either confirms or dismisses the pregnancy rumors, we can only speculate. It makes no difference to me whether or not Gillan is expecting a child at this time; she is, and always will be, a superb actress and a recognized figure in the entertainment world. Fans may look forward to more work from her and should continue to rally behind her.

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Karen Gillan’s Relationship

Gillan has collaborated on multiple occasions with American actor, writer, and comedian Nick Kocher. They have been linked romantically since 2018, although neither Gillan nor Kocher has addressed the rumors. Kocher’s most prominent credits include stints as a writer on “Saturday Night Live” and the popular cartoon series “Robot Chicken.”

One should take any rumors about Gillan’s romantic life with a grain of salt unless they are proven either by Gillan or Kocher. Gillan was related to British photographer and filmmaker Patrick Green, with whom she had worked on a photo shoot in 2012. Neither of them, however, would officially admit to the relationship.

There were rumors that Gillan was dating her Doctor Who co-star, Matt Smith, in 2014. They were spotted together frequently but never commented on or disputed their relationship.

Since then, there have been no verified reports of Gillan being in a relationship. She has mentioned in interviews how she would rather not discuss her private life but instead concentrate on her professional endeavors.

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Karen Gillan Husband: Nick Kocher

Karen Gillan shocked her fans when she announced that she had been married to American comedian and writer Nick Kocher for almost a year following a secret ceremony in Scotland.

The wedding took place in Scotland, at Castle Toward, where the groom wore a kilt. For her Instagram post, Gillan shared several photographs taken by Holly Clark Photography.


The actress was wearing a strapless Oscar de la Renta ball gown with her bridesmaids in burgundy. Also, there was a bagpiper, an integral aspect of their Scottish ceremony. Both the couple’s wedding photographer and wedding coordinator thanked the people who helped them pull off the big day in an Instagram post.

Gillan had kept her relationship status hidden, but fans began wondering if she was married in November 2022 after she was seen sporting rings on her left hand in an Instagram photo.