Richard Montanez Net Worth: The Multi-Talented Entrepreneur’s Impressive Wealth and Ventures in 2023!


Author and entrepreneur Richard Montanez is famous for his claims that he created Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Richard claims that he and his wife Judy devised the spicy sensation while he was working at the Frito-Lay plant in Southern California.

Former Frito-Lay factory janitor turned marketing director Richard Montanez claimed in the late 2000s that he invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in the early 1990s. He added that he had already pitched his plan to company CEO Roger Enrico.

Early Life

Richard was one of ten children born to parents who had moved to the United States from Mexico. They crammed their whole family of five into a studio. An oft-quoted remark of his goes something like, “I have a Ph.D. in being Poor, Hungry, and Determined.” This sheds light on Richard’s upbringing and the influences that formed his character.

Richard Montanez Net Worth

Even as a young boy, his mind was already set on the business world. He was ashamed to eat the burritos his mother packed for lunch when he was in the third grade because they weren’t trendy at the time. His mother then prepared two burritos for him, one for him to eat and one for him to share with a new friend he was hoping to make. At age 7, he began selling these burritos for 25 cents apiece.

Richard Montanez’s Net Worth

Richard’s wealth is believed to be $15 million. After 35 years with PepsiCo, he retired as an executive with a substantial fortune. He also consults for businesses like Taco Bell, where he advises them on how to best promote to Latino customers.

Richard’s book “A Boy, A Burrito, and a Cookie: From Janitor to Executive” was published in 2013 and has already sold thousands of copies all over the country.

Fox Pictures has licensed the novel for a biopic they’re calling Flamin’ Hot. The film’s cast and crew include director Eva Longoria.

An additional source of income for him is guest lecturing in MBA courses at the local university. He travels regularly giving inspirational talks about grit and persistence to audiences around the country.

Richard Montanez Quick Facts

Name Richard Montanez
Age 62 years
Birthday 15 August
Height approx. 5ft 9inches
Weight around 75kg
Nationality Mexican
Ethnicity Mixed
Marital Status Married
Wife Judy Montanez
Profession Businessman, Author
Net Worth $15 million
Instagram @hotcheetosrpm

Personal History of Richard Montanez’s

Almost 40 years have passed since Richard Montanez first met his wife, Judy. Midway through their twenties, they tied the knot. They’ve produced three boys and four grandchildren as of this writing.

Richard Montanez Net Worth

Richard Montaez presently resides in Rancho Cucamonga, a city not far from his birthplace, Guasti. Interestingly, the Frito-Lay plant from his most famous Cheetos tale is also located in Rancho Cucamonga.

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Richard Montanez began his career at Frito-Lay as a young child, first as a laborer, and then as a janitor when he turned 18. He took his spice blend to Cheetos and showed it to the company’s head honcho.

It was quickly a commercial success and sent all over the world. As a result, he contributed to the development of the aforementioned item, for which he became famous around the world.

Richard Montanez Net Worth

Richard eventually rose through the ranks to become PepsiCo’s North American vice president of sales and promotions. In addition, he has been named the most prominent Hispanic leader in the United States by ‘Fortune magazine.

He swayed KFC and Taco Bell to advertise and market to the Hispanic community. Despite lacking a formal education, he now instructs MBA students at a California university using his inborn skill and imaginative personality.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Him

Richard and his ten siblings all grew up together in a one-bedroom apartment in Mexico, where he was born. He was labeled a lower-class person at a young age, and that stigma has followed him throughout his life.

He has penned two autobiographical works and is set to star in a film adaptation of his life.
He and his wife Judy have raised three boys and are the proud grandparents of four.

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Richard and his family have made their home in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The good he has done for the neighborhood has earned him widespread acclaim.

They operate the One Lite Foundation together as a family to provide financial aid and resources to those in need. His philanthropic efforts are not limited to Kits for Kids; he also donates to Feed the Children.