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Linus Sebastian Net Worth 2023- Let’s Talk About the Richness of The Famous YouTuber!

linus sebastian net worth

As a Canadian YouTuber, Linus Gabriel Sebastian is most known for his technology-focused channels, such as Linus Tech Tips (LTT). Over 26 million people are subscribed to his channels.

He hosted frequent technical films for the now-defunct Canadian computer shop NCIX between 2007 and 2013. He also started Linus Media Group and served as its CEO until May 2023. He has since advanced within the company to serve as its Chief Vision Officer.

Early Life

On August 20, 1986, in British Columbia, Canada, Linus Gabriel Sebastian entered the world. He was raised in Surrey, British Columbia, together with his three older brothers and sister. Linus completed his secondary schooling at Maple Ridge’s Garibaldi Secondary School before enrolling at the University of British Columbia.

He discovered his driving interest in college, which ultimately launched his professional life. The Canadian technologist has been interested in technology since his first year of university.

Net Worth

The Best of Linus’s Tech Advice According to the latest data (2023), the net worth is somewhere about $120 million. Popular YouTuber and multi-millionaire Linus Sebastian is best known for his popular channel, Linus Tech Tips.

Learn more about Linus’s financial and professional success thanks to his tech suggestions by reading on.

Real Name Linus Gabriel Sebastian
Age 36
Net worth $120 Million
Nationality Canadian
Birth Date August 20, 1986
Profession YouTuber

Career Beginnings

Linus has had previous careers as a painter and a swimming instructor prior to his current one as a full-time tech reviewer. He started working as a category manager at the bankrupt computer retailer NCIX in 2007.

He was recruited to speak on their technology channel and provide reviews of their items in the open. He was a channel host, salesperson, product manager, and system designer at NCIX all at once.

Due to the expensive prices and low views of the NCIX channel’s early phases, he was encouraged to launch the Linus Tech Tips channel. Sebastian left NCIX due to a disagreement with upper management.

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How Does Linus Sebastian Make His Money?

His primary source of income is YouTube. Views, YouTube adverts, and sponsored sponsorships are how he makes his living. YouTube creators often receive between $2 and $5 per 1000 views. His channels may easily secure lucrative sponsorship deals from a wide variety of brands because they often review products from various producers.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Him



The September 2020 study found that the most popular tech channel was Linus Tech Tips, hosted by Linus Gabriel Sebastian. In addition, the channel achieved the distinction of being among the “top 1% of Google’s preferred advertising channels” in 2014.

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How Much Does Linus Sebastian Make from Affiliate Marketing?

Sebastian gets nine percent of his income via Amazon affiliates. He endorses lots of stuff and receives a cut of the action if they sell. Affiliate marketing contributes roughly 11% to his entire income.

So far, Sebastian’s earnings as an Amazon associate amount to $1.71 million. In addition, he earned an additional $380.000 from partners.

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