Lemon Resort SPA: an exceptional place for family holidays in Poland

Lemon Resort SPA: an exceptional place for family holidays in Poland

Are you seeking a lovely vacation destination in Poland to unwind and enjoy quality time with your family? Lemon Resort SPA is an outstanding option! Nestled in the scenic Beskid region near the stunning Lake Rożnów, this exclusive hotel has a lot to offer both kids and adults. Wondering what it entails? And is it the ideal venue for family holidays in Poland 2023? Let’s discover it together!

Relax within nature

Nestled in a beautiful natural setting, Lemon Resort SPA is the perfect getaway for anyone seeking to escape the daily grind and immerse themselves in the peaceful environment of nature. This hotel in the Beskids boasts outstanding amenities and provides easy access to stunning landscapes and distinctive attractions.

With its serene surroundings of lush forests and tranquil lakes, Lemon Resort SPA offers an ideal setting for rest and rejuvenation. Upon arrival, guests can unwind and explore the enchanting surroundings by participating in leisurely walks and bike rides or utilizing the various on-site facilities.

Plenty of attractions for children and adults

As mentioned, Lemon Resort SPA offers a multitude of attractions for both children and adults. The youngest can enjoy a perfectly equipped playground, race down slides and even act out „Pirates of the Caribbean” scenes on an impressive pirate ship during shared playtime.

The indoor and outdoor pool complex with numerous water attractions is also an excellent option if they are fans of maritime adventures. For those who prefer indoor entertainment, Lemon Resort SPA provides various workshops and contests to enhance their creativity and manual skills. With a dedicated games area, siblings of different ages can spend time together, creating lasting memories.

However, the hotel located by the beautiful Lake Rożnów is not only a children’s paradise – adults will also find something for themselves! For adrenaline enthusiasts, water sports are highly recommended – guests have access to many equipment options, such as an electric motorboat or a Tesla catamaran. If travelling with a group of adults, an exciting option could be kayaking amidst the stunning mountain landscapes.

A perfect wrap-up to the entire stay is the Manaw Spa, a relaxation zone for both body and soul. Adults can take advantage of various massages, beauty treatments, and rituals for couples, restoring harmony and allowing them to relax after a challenging and undoubtedly demanding year. The hotel restaurant is also worth visiting during lunchtime, with intriguing menu options for older and younger guests. A shared family meal with a view of the abovementioned lake and mountain peaks will be a beautiful culmination of a day full of experiences.

In summary, Lemon Resort SPA is a true gem on the map of places to spend family holidays in Poland. Besides breathtaking landscapes, it offers countless attractions inside and outside the facility. And thanks to various amenities and activities for children, parents can take a moment to enjoy complete relaxation and rejuvenation. If you plan holidays in Poland, this unique family oasis will welcome you and your loved ones, ensuring an unforgettable time.