Is Releasing Date of Left Hand Layup! (Zuo Shou Shang Lan) Confirmed In 2023?

Is Releasing Date of Left Hand Layup! (zuo Shou Shang Lan) Confirmed In 2023?

Even though the year isn’t over yet, we’re already getting excited for Left Hand Layup, which seems to be one of the earliest sports anime we’ll be getting soon. In 2017, The King’s Avatar started a trend of Chinese people watching anime.

It is an e-sports donghua that is different from other anime. But, if I remember correctly, Left Hand Layup will be the first donghua to take on basketball, which is one of the most popular sports in the world.

Overview of The Left-Handed Layout

An original work from its animation company LHL Culture is Left Hand Layup or Zuo Shou Shang Lan. Since this is their debut project, it’s difficult to judge the animation quality other than to say that what we have seen thus far in terms of visuals and teasers looks good.


It was implied in a particular post from the Reddit page r/donghua that LHL Culture only creates Left Hand Layup. According to this reasoning, we may assume that the project will be ambitious, as was the case with the well-received anime adaptations of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation from Studio BIND and Fog Hill of Five Elements from Samsara Animation.

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Releasing Date of The Left Hand Layup

The Left Hand Layup! anime release is scheduled for February 2023, according to the announcement, which was made without providing a specific date. This is in accordance with the most recent promotional video from the production committee, which was made public last December 2022.

Is Releasing Date of Left Hand Layup! (zuo Shou Shang Lan) Confirmed In 2023?

Here’s a fun fact about the cast: Xie Zhongli, who also serves as the film’s director, is responsible for Left Hand Layup! (Zuoshou Shanglan). As a key animator, he has worked on a number of well-known anime series, including Yasuke, Boruto, Rakshasa Street, Attack on Titan, Crystal Sky of Yesterday, The King’s Avatar Season 2, Altair: A Record of Battles, and One Piece.

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Plot of The Movie Left Hand Layup

The Chinese Basketball Association sponsors the Left Hand Layup anime, and it appears to be an ambitious project based on the articles I’ve read about it on reputable anime websites. Usually, blockbuster series like The Kings Avatar and Mo Dao Zu Shi are the only donghua-related topics they cover.


In light of this, I believed that the production committee would devote a lot of time and energy on this donghua, and fans should keep an eye out for it in 2023.

The fact that the sister of the main protagonists, Xu Xing Ze, Xu Xing You, has been given access to numerous projects as a virtual idol is even more astounding. In May, she will make her debut and also release her debut album.