The Dating History of Ariana Grande: From Broadway to Pop Stardom

The Dating History of Ariana Grande: From Broadway to Pop Stardom

Pop sensation Ariana Grande, who has a powerful voice, has a dating history that has frequently drawn attention from the media. Over the years, Ariana has been associated with a number of well-known personalities, from her early days on Broadway to her quick ascent to fame as a pop artist. Even while her vocal prowess and memorable tunes are what most people know her for, her personal life has also generated a lot of attention.

Initial Partnerships

Ariana’s first public romance was with her Broadway musical “13” co-star Graham Phillips. The brief romance began in 2008 and ended in 2011. While their relationship was not very public, it was the first time Ariana’s love life was brought to the public’s attention.

The Time of Jai Brooks

Subsequently, Ariana dated Jai Brooks, a comedian from The Janoskians on YouTube. Their romance attracted a lot of attention, especially from followers who enjoyed following the couple’s sweet posts on social media. Their relationship was not without difficulties, though, as the two broke up in 2013 and then got back together for a short while in 2014 before splitting up again.

High Profile and Big Sean

The rapper Big Sean and Ariana Grande’s romance was a more well-known union. The two worked together musically, and the tabloids were abuzz about their romance. Nonetheless, the partnership did not endure more than a year, as the pair declared their separation in April of 2015. Following their peaceful split, both musicians have only had positive things to say about one another in interviews.

Mac Miller: The Intimate Bond

Her romance with rapper Mac Miller was arguably one of her most committed partnerships. When their romance started in 2016, the two appeared to be a match. Their romance sadly ended in 2018, with both claiming their hectic schedules as the cause of the split. When Mac Miller passed away a few months after their breakup, Ariana was visibly distraught and honoured him in her music and on social media.

Into a Circular with Pete Davidson

Ariana’s romance with comedian Pete Davidson from “Saturday Night Live” turned into the definition of a fast-paced relationship. After just a few weeks of courting, the pair became engaged. Both fans and the media were enthralled with their fast-paced relationship. But the engagement was put off because of Ariana’s emotional toll following Mac Miller’s passing.

Marriage and Dalton Gomez

Ariana Grande’s marriage to affluent real estate broker Dalton Gomez is arguably the most momentous event in her dating career. The pair exchanged vows in a private ceremony in May 2021 after becoming engaged in December 2020. It seemed that Ariana had at last found her happily-ever-after at the small-scale wedding.

Grande Ariana’s Divorce

As of September 2021, when I last updated, Ariana Grande had not gone through a divorce. Her first marriage, to Dalton Gomez, appeared to be blissfully happy based on their social media posts and public exchanges.

To sum up

Over her dating career, Ariana Grande has experienced a range of highs and lows, including sincere love, tragic loss, and fresh starts. Each of her partnerships has reflected a new stage in her life and career, just as her music. Even though she may have had a few high-profile relationships, it seems like her union with Dalton Gomez ushers in a new era of security and contentment. The course of this chapter remains to be seen, but Ariana’s journey in love is just as fascinating as her musical adventure.