Can you put a large Seresto collar on a small dog


Yes, you can safely put a large Seresto collar on a small dog. The adjustable nylon fastening straps make it easy to fit the collar securely around any size neck. There is also an anti-pick buckle included, ensuring the safety and security of your pet. Unlike some other flea and tick collars, Seresto provides sustained release protection from fleas and ticks for 8 months or longer without irritating your beloved pup. It’s lightweight design is comfortable enough so that even small dogs will forget they’re wearing it! Keep in mind that the instructions state not to cut the collar, but rather adjust it as needed using the fastening straps, so make sure there is at least 1-2 inches of extra length when fitting the collar on a small dog.

Measure Your Dog’s Neck

If you’re thinking about using a large Seresto collar on a small dog, it’s important to first measure your dog’s neck size. That’s because if the collar is too tight, it can cause discomfort, it won’t work properly, and it can even be dangerous.

First, take a soft tape measure or piece of string and wrap it around your pup’s neck tight enough so two fingers will slide between the measurement and your doggie. Take note of that measurement in inches or cm, then choose an appropriately sized Seresto collar for your pet.

Be sure to allow some extra room to make sure there’s no discomfort when the collar is fastened and always follow the manufacturer’s best small dog flea collar instructions for fitting the collar securely and making sure the latch works properly.

Select the Right Seresto Collar For Your Dog’s Size

When it comes to selecting a Seresto collar for your small dog, it is important to select the right size. The collar must fit well enough to work properly; otherwise, you risk the collar slipping off and your pup not getting the full benefits of the product.

Typically, larger seresto collars are designed for smaller dogs. However, you may need to measure your pup’s neck just to make sure that the collar is not too large or too small. To get an accurate measurement for a seresto collar, place two fingers between your pup’s neck and measuring tape and adjust as necessary. Choose a size based on this measurement – typically 8 inches or less for most small breeds.

Other factors can also come into play when choosing a Seresto collar, such as whether your pup has long fur or if their hair hangs below their neckline. In these cases, it might be best to look for a slightly larger size than what was recommended in order to ensure that the protective shield provided by the Seresto Collar works correctly. When in doubt, ask an expert and follow their advice!

Monitor Your Dog after Putting On a New Collar

Putting on a new collar can be an exciting moment for any dog, even if it is a little daunting. If you have just put a large Seresto collar on a small dog, it’s important to monitor their activities after the collar has been put on. As the collar will take some time to break-in and get used to their neck, your pup may fidget or become uncomfortable in the first few hours of wearing it.

When doing so, make sure that you keep an eye out for signs of chaffing and redness on the skin. Apart from checking for snugness and proper fit daily, also pay attention to other signs such as excessive scratching or licking of the area around the collar. If you notice any issues with your pup’s comfort, then do not hesitate to adjust the tightness or switch out collars if necessary. Additionally, periodically check that there are no loose threads that could cause discomfort or pain when rubbed against your pet’s fur.

By properly monitoring your pup after putting on a new large Seresto collar you can reduce any chances of irritation or discomfort during adjustment and ensure the safety and health of your beloved companion!

In review

While there are plenty of dog collars available on the market, Seresto collars provide excellent protection from fleas and ticks in an easy to use form. With this guide you’ll be able to choose a collar that fits your small pup perfectly.