4 European Movies on Netflix that Can Become a Hit

4 European Movies on Netflix that Can Become a Hit

From the French New Wave to Italian Neorealism, European filmmake­rs have always prioritize­d granting directors creative control. These innovative individuals strive for global success, instilling fresh perspectives and ideas into the film industry.

Since its e­mergence as a global stre­aming giant, Netflix has acknowledged the immense value he­ld within European cinema. Consequently, the platform has curated an extensive collection of European films for its subscribers. According to sources, 38% of all movies on Netflix are European-produced.

Some noteworthy mentions of European films that regularly appear in popular searches on Netflix include The Intouchable (2012) and On Body and Soul (2017). Here, we’ll discuss some new and upcoming European movies on Netflix that look promising. If done right, these movies can go on to become mega hits!

Crypto Boy (2023)

Crypto Boy is a new movie that was released on October 19, 2023. Director Shady El-Hamus takes the reins, with various actors playing key roles within the film. Among these are Shahine El-Hamus, who plays the role of Amir, and Minne Koole, acting as Roy.

First things first, why does this movie have the potential to become a hit? Because it’s about one of the latest trends in the digital world, cryptocurrencies. Crypto has become a major involvement in our lives, especially as the highly popular casino games have started accepting Bitcoin payments, and gamers across the globe prefer to play with this type of payment, relying on its in-built security layers. This attraction can be explained by numerous advantages that are associated with using cryptocurrency as a payment option, among which are instantaneous transactions.

Basically, in a world where there are millions of gamers, many of whom are interested in crypto gaming, and where there is no scarcity of Bitcoin casino table games and offers, any topic related to crypto is potentially interesting and provoking. Casino movies have a long history of being successful productions, yet we are still waiting for new titles that will combine that industry with the latest achievements of blockchain technology. Although Crypto Boy is not related to casinos, it seems to be pretty much intriguing.

Produced in the Netherlands, the main plot of this movie revolves around the idea of cryptocurrency, where a young man, the one we call Crypto Boy, meets an entrepreneur who promises him a way out of his financial problems. Will it be a solution for him? Let’s watch and find out together maybe.

Forgotten Love (2023)

Adapted from the Polish novel Znachor, Forgotten Love tells the story of a respected surgeon who suffers from serious health conditions. After his wife decides to part ways with him, he falls prey to a mugging incident, leading to total amnesia.

Over time, the surgeon overcomes the challenges that had because of the loss of memory, ultimately experiencing an unforeseen reunion with his lost daughter, who remains unaware of his true identity. Forgotten Love has become one of the most beloved movies because of the strong screenplay elements: It’s not only about the main plot but also attributes like the compelling music, which is a good contribution to providing emotional feeling to the audience.

The touching tale of life, suffering, and love presented explores the themes of loss and second chances.

The Conference (2023)

Directed by Patrick Eklund, The Conference blends the elements of comedy, horror, and thriller. The story unfolds when some employees gather to take part in a team-building conference. What happened next, was the complete opposite of what we call team building.

Employees begin to throw accusations at each other, creating a hostile and toxic work environment. At the same time, unknown to the employees, a mysterious figure with a mask covering their face begins to stalk and murder the participants one at a time.

Bone-chilling enough to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, The Conference was well-received by audiences for the way it seemed to make different genres work together.

Nowhere (2023)

Nowhere, which has a 62% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, is a survival thriller film that is set in a dystopian future where Spain has fallen into the hands of a totalitarian government. A young couple attempts to escape this rule, and the movie follows the story of the wife, a young pregnant woman who has become separated from her husband.

The actors cast in the film deliver an emotional performance as they try to survive in the harsh setting. The strong theme about hope in the face of the adversary, when all odds are against you, is one of the highlighting features of Nowhere.

Final Thoughts

As European cinema continues to grow, we can expect more amazing films of all genres, just as we have previously witnessed. With no shortage of creative control and innovation in films, directors, if motivated enough, can produce great wonders that can leave the world applauding.