How to Save Live Photo as Video? A Step By Step Guide in 2023!

save live photo as video

A live photo is an animated image that is produced by merging images that were taken just before and just after the shutter is clicked. Just touching the Live button in the Camera app will allow you to enable or disable live photos.

On your iPhone, you can even turn live images into videos or GIFs. Let us examine how to record a live photo on an iPhone running iOS 17, 16, and 15 and save it as a video.

How to Save Live Photo as Video on iOS 17/16?

You are incorrect if you have been believing that iOS 17/16 no longer contains the Save as Video button. This is a result of a minor positioning adjustment made by Apple in iOS 17/16 for the Save as Movie button for live photographs.

On iOS 17/16, follow these steps to save a live snapshot as a video:

  • Open the live photo you wish to save into a video by launching the Apple Photos app.
  • Click the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen, then choose Save as video from the menu.

That is all. A video of your live photo will be stored. In the Apple Photos app, the movie will show up just after the current live photo. After turning a live photo into a video, see how to use the InShot app to edit videos.

On iOS 15, How to Save a Live Photo as a Video?

save live photo as video

To save live photographs as videos on iPhones running iOS 15, follow these steps:

  • Open the live photo in the Apple Photos app.
  • To access the Share sheet, tap the Share icon located at the bottom. On the Share sheet, scroll down and choose Save as video.

Within the Apple Photos app, the stored video will appear as a separate video. It won’t take the place of the initial Live photo.

How to Combine Multiple Live Photos into One Video?

You can turn a single live snapshot into a film using the aforementioned approaches. To incorporate several live images into a video, take the following actions:

  • On your iPhone, launch the Apple Photos app.
  • Press on the bottom-located Albums tab. On the Albums page, swipe down and select Live Pictures.
  • Click the top-mounted Select button. Next, select the desired photographs by tapping on them.
  • Tap the three-dot icon and choose Save as video on iOS 17/16 to save these several live photographs into a single video.
  • When you press the Share icon on iOS 15, a choice will appear. Choose Save as video.

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Bonus: Using the iPhone to Save a Live Photo as a GIF

save live photo as video

To save any live snapshot on your iPhone as a GIF, do the following:

  • Launch the Apple Photos app and select the live photo.
  • In the upper-left corner, tap the Live text. Now, choose the Bounce or Loop effect based on the kind of GIF you wish to make. When you choose any effect, a preview of the GIF will appear.
  • There are currently two applications for this GIF. You have the option to send it straight or save it. To share the GIF with another app, simply hit the Share icon located at the bottom and select the desired app. A GIF of the live snapshot will be delivered.
  • Saving the GIF on your iPhone is an additional method. You must save the GIF to the Files app in order to do that.
  • After choosing between the Bounce and Loop effects, tap the Share icon for the Live photo. From the sharing sheet, select Save to Files.
  • Choose the folder destination in which you wish to store the GIF.

Advice: Open the GIF in the Files app and select the Share icon to save it to the Apple Photos app. Choose “Save as video.” Check out the top GIF applications for iPhone as well.

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Can’t Save a Live Photo as a Video? Try These Fixes!

Try these two solutions if your iPhone isn’t letting you save live photographs as videos:

1. Check the Live Photo Effect

If a live photo has an effect like Loop or Bounce applied to it, you cannot save it as a video. This could be the cause if your live photo does not allow you to save it to video.

As a result, open the live image and look at the upper-left corner. It needs to read Live. You will not be able to save the live photo as a video if you notice a button that looks like a bounce, loop, long exposure, or live button but has a bar on the circle. Press the arrow button and choose “Live” from the list of options. Next, attempt to save the live photo as a video by following the instructions given above.

2. Try Using a Shortcut

Try utilizing a shortcut to turn a live photo into a movie if you are still having trouble saving it as one. Take these actions:

  • On your iPhone, download the Apple Shortcuts app.
  • On your iPhone, click the Convert LivePhotos to Video link. Press the Get shortcut and then Add shortcut buttons.

The Apple Shortcuts app will display the shortcut. You can now select the Convert LivePhotos to Video shortcut in the Apple Shortcuts app whenever you want to turn a live photo into a video. To convert, select the live photo.

The video will appear in the Apple Photos app after it has been converted. See more useful iPhone shortcuts that you should check out.