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How to Share Location on iPhone?A Complete Tutorial in 2023!

how to share location on iphone

Have you ever had to meet someone somewhere without a precise address? or disclose your whereabouts while you’re unsure of it? There is an iPhone hack for that, which is good news. All you have to do is figure out how to share location on iPhones, which is a really easy process.

Don’t get us wrong: it’s critical to prevent thieves and fraudsters from obtaining your location data. However, in some situations—like knowing your ETA for dinner, locating people in a crowded place, assisting you in finding a misplaced phone, or figuring out where you are when you’re lost—sharing your position with friends and family may be essential.

Fortunately, disabling location tracking and rendering your phone untraceable are equally simple steps in learning how to reveal your whereabouts on an iPhone. Follow the steps listed below to share your location with Contacts, Family Sharing, Messages, Google Maps, and Apple Maps on your iPhone.

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How To Share an iPhone’s Location Is Worthwhile?

You may be debating whether to use this option on your iPhone or not before understanding how to share location. We’ve all heard terrifying tales about iPhone location monitoring, after all, which is why a lot of users have changed their Facebook privacy settings and limited the apps that may access their data.

You can disclose your location securely, and there are situations in which it can be helpful. Sharing your location with friends and family allows them to track you down when you’re heading home from work or even assist you in recovering a stolen or lost iPhone.

If you need to meet up at a place that doesn’t have a precise address, like a park or music festival, or if you’ve gotten lost from your group and need to find each other again, you can also temporarily share your location with a friend. On the other hand, if your twin or child goes missing, you can locate them by asking them to share their location with you.

The Share My Location tool lets you manage who can see your location and for how long, which helps allay security worries. If you check the location of your contacts, they won’t get a notification either.

Do you feel more certain now? So let’s get going. We’ll go over how to share an iPhone’s location with a number of apps here, including Messages, Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Contacts.

How to Enable Location Services on iPhones?

Utilizing the GPS signal from your iPhone, you may share your location with friends, family, and other contacts by utilizing the Share My Location function. To broadcast location information to specific contacts, you must first activate the location services feature on your iPhone. That’s how:

How to Use Messages to Share Your Location on An iPhone?

How to Use the Maps App on Your iPhone to Share Your Location?

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How to Use Google Maps to Share Your Location on an iPhone?

How to Use Contacts to Share Your Location?

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How to Use Family Sharing?

Despite having different Apple IDs, up to six family members can share their locations, as well as media such as music, movies, TV series, applications, books, subscriptions, and more, with Apple’s Family Sharing feature. It lets parents set up a different Apple ID for their children’s devices so they can continue to keep an eye on their whereabouts and enforce rules like screen time limits.

To set up Family Sharing, follow the setup instructions below. We describe how to use this capability to share your location with others on iPhones in Step 5.

These iPhone shortcuts will come in handy so you can use your phone just as quickly as your kids do.

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