Why Does My iPhone Keep Saying Call Failed? How to Fix it in 2023?

why does my iphone keep saying call failed

Making and receiving calls was the original purpose of phones. Sadly, while phoning someone on an iPhone, the Call Failed error frequently appears. “Why is my iPhone not allowing me to make calls?” may be on your mind.

That could be the result of various factors. Here, we’ve addressed every one of them and explained how to resolve the call failed on the iPhone problem. Now let’s get going.

1. Restart iPhone

To start the troubleshooting process if you have tried calling the number multiple times and you are still receiving the Call failed message, you need to restart your iPhone.

2. Dial a Secret Code

Many customers find that their iPhone’s anonymized outbound calls (also known as hiding caller ID) feature prevents them from making calls and keeps displaying the error message “Call failed.” Possibly by mistake, you enabled this. Do not fret. All you have to do is turn it off by phone *#31#, the secret code.

Launch the iPhone’s Phone app.

After entering *#31#, click the Call button. There will be a message of confirmation. Try making a call now.

3. Check Plan

why does my iphone keep saying call failed

If you don’t have an active plan on your phone number, you could receive the Call failed error when making calls from your iPhone. Therefore, confirm once more that you have paid your Postpaid bill. Additionally, ensure your prepaid phone number is active and has a balance if you are a customer.

4. Change Location

Another possible cause of the Call failed error could be a weak local network signal. Try calling again after relocating to a different area.

5. Verify the Airplane Mode

Your iPhone can be set to airplane mode, which disables all cellular connectivity. You cannot make calls on your iPhone if it is in Airplane mode. Make sure it is turned off. However, turning it on and off is also useful for troubleshooting network issues.

On your iPhone, open Settings and slide the toggle next to Airplane Mode to the off position. If it’s already off, you have to switch it on, give it a few seconds, and then turn it off again.

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6. Use the Right Network Operator

why does my iphone keep saying call failed

There is a network selection setting on every iPhone that allows users to manually select the network. It’s possible that you chose the incorrect network. To ensure that your phone automatically chooses the appropriate network, it is safest to select Automatic.

  • Select Network selection under Settings > Mobile Data (Cellular data).
  • Turn on the toggle by the word “Automatic.”

7. Use the Right Network Mode

You need to choose the appropriate network mode in addition to the network operator. For example, you won’t be able to make calls if your network mode is set to 2G yet 2G is no longer available in your location.

Use these methods to modify the network mode on your iPhone:

  • Navigate to Settings > Cellular Data > Mobile Data > Options for Mobile Data.
  • Tap Voice & Data, then try each mode one at a time to determine which one functions correctly.

8. Re-Insert SIM

You need to put the SIM card back into your iPhone if you are still receiving the “Call failed” problem. To do that, take out your iPhone’s SIM card, blow some air on it to clear any dust, and then put it back in.

9. Disable Wi-Fi Calling

why does my iphone keep saying call failed

Many people have found that the Call failed message can be resolved by turning off the Wi-Fi calling capability on their iPhone. It must also be disabled in order to observe if the problem is resolved.

Navigate to Settings > Cellular/Mobile Data > Wi-Fi Calling. On the ensuing screen, disable the option.

10. Check for Carrier Update Settings

Network operators frequently send new carrier settings. To enhance cellular connectivity and resolve problems such as Call failure, you need to verify and modify these configurations.

Select About under Settings > General. If there are any settings, update them.

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11. Update Software

If your iPhone is running an out-of-date version of iOS, you might not be able to make phone calls. Thus, verify and update the software on your phone.

Navigate to Settings > General > Update software.

12. Reset Network Settings

why does my iphone keep saying call failed

Finally, you need to reset your network settings if none of the above solutions work to fix the Call failed problem on your iPhone. By doing this, the default values of all network settings will be restored. That means you’ll have to reconnect to all of your saved Wi-Fi networks, associated Bluetooth devices, etc.

Navigate to Settings > General > iPhone Transfer or Reset. Back up > Clear > Clear Network Configuration.