Why Is My Mobile Data Not Working on My Samsung? Try These Solutions in 2023!

why is my mobile data not working on my samsung

Whatever you choose to call it, mobile or cellular data has emerged as one of those necessities for living a better life. One of the first things we check for when buying a smartphone is this. Thus, we are really concerned when it stops operating, even on a Samsung handset.

While it is quite annoying, a Samsung mobile data malfunction is not a long-term issue. Your handset may have a few key settings modified, or the Android OS may have been broken which is the reason why your mobile data is not working.

When the mobile data on a Samsung cellphone stops working, there are a few official and home remedies that can be applied. See the page below for a detailed explanation of the procedures; these solutions are quite successful.

Section 1: Causes of Unavailable Mobile Network for Samsung

There exist several potential causes for Samsung mobile data not to function. The mobile data limiter may have been activated after you upgraded the device, but it’s also conceivable that the network mode was not properly selected, the SIM card was broken, or the APN was reselected.

Thus, a variety of factors could be at play when it comes to the aforementioned Samsung smartphone problem; in fact, a malfunctioning Android OS could exhibit similar symptoms.

Part 2: All-round Solutions to Fix Samsung Mobile Data Not Working

If the Samsung mobile network is unavailable, you have a few options. You can resolve the aforementioned problem with your Samsung mobile device by carefully reading the following methods.

Solution 1: Enable The Right Network Mode

This is arguably the most crucial fix because using mobile data will undoubtedly be problematic if the incorrect network mode is selected.

It’s possible that the setting change was an unintentional one or that it occurred during the upgrade. However, if you have a Samsung mobile phone that supports 4G, the 4G setting will be accessible through the network settings. On the other hand, if you are using a non-4G device but the OS you have installed supports 4G, your Samsung device will search for 4G signals even though it isn’t compatible with them.

Therefore, altering the option is simple;

Step 1: Turn on your Samsung phone and select “Settings”.
Step 2: Next, select “Network Mode” after selecting “Mobile Data”.
Step 3: Choose 4G if your phone is compatible with it; if not, choose 2G or 3G.

Solution 2: Remove and Reinsert Your SIM Card

why is my mobile data not working on my samsung

If you are experiencing these issues, some people recommend restarting your phone, however removing and re-inserting your SIM card is one of the best fixes. Actually, it’s one of the things you can attempt if your Samsung phone is having problems with mobile data. It’s extremely easy to do.

After turning off your phone, take out the SIM card. Check to see whether it functions by inserting a different SIM card. You can also do the following actions to make sure the mobile data issue has been fully resolved:

Step 1: Turn on Airplane Mode on the device before restarting it.
Step 2: Deactivate it after no more than 30 seconds of waiting.
Step 3: If mobile data is still not available, switch your phone to airplane mode, turn it off, wait a minute, put it back on, turn off airplane mode once again, wait thirty seconds, and then turn on mobile data.

Solution 3: Reset APNs

Your Samsung mobile’s mobile data problem might have been caused by an alteration to the APN settings. To access the internet, the Access Point Names, or APNs, are crucial.

Your mobile device is connected to the internet by the network provider through the APNs. Therefore, it’s important to configure these key settings, including IP addresses and gateways, correctly. However, it’s likely that an error occurred during setup, and that error is causing problems for your mobile data connection. Thus, a straightforward reset will work;

Step 1: Open the “Settings” app on your Samsung smartphone.
Step 2: Proceed to “Mobile Data/Wireless Controls/Wireless & Networks”
Step 3: Click “Access Point Names” under “Mobile Networks” after that.
Step 4: An APN list will be displayed to you.
Step 5: Finally, reset the APNs by tapping on the vertical lines.
Thus, you may be able to resolve the mobile data issue on your Samsung cellphone by resetting the APNs. The following option, if not.

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Solution 4: Cancel The Tick of Limit Mobile Data Usage

Every Android phone, even Samsung models, has the ability to control mobile data usage. You will receive a warning before using up all of your mobile data if you set it. However, these choices do not come on by default.

However, it’s possible that the Android device misplaced or forgot the restrictions you established. Usually, this problem arises after an OS upgrade; the machine just returns to the previous state. Thus, this is how to resolve it;

  • Now access “Settings” on your Samsung mobile device.
  • Go to “Mobile Data/Data Usage”
  • A graph displaying the highs and lows of your data usage will now be available on the screen along with your data usage chart.
  • Uncheck the box next to “Limit Mobile Information Use” to remove the restrictions. If the settings were restored to their original state following an update, then this straightforward process is undoubtedly effective.

Solution 5: Clear The Cache Partition

why is my mobile data not working on my samsung

Applications, temporary files, different logs, and more are all contained in the Cache Partition. Additionally, these files use a significant amount of space on the device, which could lead to a mobile device that runs slowly or even crashes frequently. It’s also conceivable that your mobile data is being affected by the Cache partition.

Thus, this is how to resolve it:

Step 1: Turn off your Samsung smartphone first.
Step 2: At this point, simultaneously press and hold the Home, Volume Up, and Power buttons.
Step 3: You can release the Volume Up and Home buttons once the Android logo shows on the screen and wait for the Android System Recovery menu to show.
Step 4: The screen will display a number of alternatives. To emphasize the “Wipe Cache Partition” option, press the Volume button.
Step 5: Toggle the option that is highlighted by tapping the Power button.
Step 6: Next, highlight the “Yes” option with the Volume button once more, and then press the “Power” button to carry out your selection.
Step 7: “Reboot System Now” will become highlighted once the Cache Partition has been erased.
Step 8: To restart your Samsung mobile device, tap the Power button at the end.
This process can be used even in the event that your mobile data is not experiencing issues. These cache files require frequent clearing because they use up a lot of disk space.

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Solution 6: Install QuickPanel Restore App (image of app icon from Galaxy Apps store)

To resolve the aforementioned mobile data issue, you can also utilize the most recent app that Samsung released. “QuickPanel” is the name of Samsung’s most recent app. This app was released by the firm to address annoying problems on their smartphones.

As a result, it is recognized as one of the official fixes for the mentioned problem. You should give it a shot because user feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Solution 7: Ultimate Means to Solve Samsung Mobile Data Not Working Problem

why is my mobile data not working on my samsung

This last technique is also the most effective. If none of the previously mentioned fixes resolve the issue, it’s likely that there is damage to your Android OS that is affecting the device’s performance and causing the Samsung mobile data not to function issue.

Tenorshare ReiBoot is the Android app that we have chosen, and it is ideal for resolving Samsung internet connectivity issues. This application is quite powerful and has a lot of capabilities. Let’s examine how to resolve the issue of Samsung mobile data not functioning.

  • On your PC, download, install, and run ReiBoot for Android.
  • Connect your Samsung mobile, then select the “Repair Android System” function.
  • Select Repair Android System after launching ReiBoot for Android.
  • To continue, kindly click the “Repair Now” option.
  • Use ReiBoot for Android to begin fixing your Android system.
  • You will be prompted to enter device details by ReiBoot for Android before the firmware download process starts.
  • Firmware downloads for Android ReiBoot start.
  • Your Android phone’s repair is the final step, and the progress bar displays her. In less than minutes, the process will be completed.
  • ReiBoot for Android device repair
  • Successfully, ReiBoot for Android repair is completed.
  • As you can see, any Android device may be expertly fixed using Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android. Therefore, if you are having problems with your Samsung gadget, you should utilize this program straight away; doing so will be a very wise and successful move.

Solution 8: Other External Problems

It’s possible that the SIM card you’re using on your phone has entirely failed, among other external issues. It’s possible that you’ve been using the SIM card for much longer than that. Despite being in the phone constantly, even a stiff substance like a SIM card might break.

A sudden leak could result in the same thing. Even while Samsung devices these days are totally waterproof, water still has the potential to damage the SIM Card tray because it has a very thin layer of protection.

So, simply go to your network provider’s office that is closest to you if you find yourself in such a predicament. They’re gonna swap out your SIM card.

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Ultimately, all we can advise is that you need to have access to a handful of really good patches that can resolve your Samsung device’s mobile data issue. However, we believe that Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android is a far superior choice because it can quickly and efficiently fix any issues with the OS.