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How to Change YouTube Channel Name? A Step By Step Guide in 2023!

change youtube name

Is the name of your YouTube channel something you’ve wanted to change for years but never managed to find the time to do so? If so, continue reading to find out how simple it is to modify the name, URL, or basic details of your YouTube channel.

This post will provide you with additional information on renaming your YouTube channel as well as instructions for a number of different devices.

How to Change a YouTube Channel Name?

You will also need to update your Google account name if you choose to modify the name of your YouTube channel. There is no way to change one name without changing the other because they are linked. Here’s how to go about it:

You must register a Brand Account and link it to your channel in order to use a different name on your Google Account then on your YouTube channel. You can alter the account name as frequently as you’d like with a Brand Account because they don’t have to match.

How to Change a YouTube Channel Name on Windows, Mac, and Chromebook?

To modify the name of your YouTube channel on a Windows, Mac, or Chromebook, follow these steps:

It’s crucial to keep in mind that you have ninety days to change your name three times. Additionally, any changes you make to your Google account will also be reflected on your YouTube channel, email, Google Drive, and other Google services.

How to Change a YouTube Channel Name on an iPad?

To check the quality of their videos and maintain their accounts, several channel managers like to use the YouTube app on their iPads. Here’s how to use an iPad to rename your YouTube channel if you’re one of those people:

How to Change the Name of a YouTube Channel on an iPhone?

Channel administrators may easily modify channel metadata with only a few touches thanks to features YouTube built within the app, given that the majority of its customers watch videos on their phones. Here’s how to use your iPhone to alter the name of your YouTube channel:

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How to Change a YouTube Channel Name on Android?

You will also need to update your Google Account name when you decide it’s time to change your name on YouTube. It’s an easy and clear-cut procedure. On an Android device, use these steps to modify it:

How to Modify the URL of a YouTube Channel?

With the YouTube Studio, you can easily modify the URL of your channel in a few easy steps:

You can “Set a Custom URL for Your Channel” from this menu by selecting it under the URL of your account. This is where you add a specific URL using any symbol or combination of capital and lowercase letters. Nevertheless, permission for a custom URL must be granted for your profile. In order to qualify for that, you must:

You’ll receive an email alerting you to newly available settings as soon as you’re qualified.

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How to Change a YouTube Channel Name Before 90 Days?

After the first ninety days, you can only rename your YouTube channel once per ninety days. You can’t alter it too frequently because doing so might confuse viewers and other users due to the tight regulations about name changes.

Every user has ample leeway under this guideline to alter their minds and choose a different name for their channel. But since they can’t change it to a different name daily, the restriction makes everyone reconsider changing their channel name too frequently.

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