Why Won’t My Samsung TV Connect to the Wi-Fi Network? Try These Quick Methods in 2023!

why won't my samsung tv connect to wifi

One benefit of smart TVs is that they don’t require an external device to be connected in order to use Wi-Fi. When Wi-Fi functions on other devices but not on a Smart TV, there is an issue.

You’ve come to the correct place if your Samsung Smart TV isn’t connecting to the internet or if you’re seeing error codes like 012, 102, and other similar ones. Let’s see how to resolve the Samsung Smart TV’s Wi-Fi not working issue.

1. Restart Samsung TV

Restarting your Samsung smart TV is the first thing you should do if it isn’t connected to WiFi. To achieve this, there are two options.

The TV must be unplugged from the power source and left that way for at least 60 seconds in order to use the first technique. Re-plug the power cord into the outlet after that. The TV will come on. Once more, give the TV a minute to fully boot up. Hopefully, your Samsung TV’s Wi-Fi should now be operational.

As an alternative, you can restart your TV by pressing the Power button on the remote if you find that disconnecting it from the power source is too much work. To switch your TV on or off automatically, simply press and hold the Power button on your remote control while the TV is on.

When you see Samsung Smart TV written on the screen, let go of the button. Give the TV a minute to warm up before using it. The TV will make a Wi-Fi connection in the interim.

2. Restart Modem

You should then restart your WiFi modem as well. Just unplug the Wi-Fi modem from the power source to accomplish this. Often, the first two fixes suffice to resolve Samsung Smart TV Wi-Fi problems.

3. Check Wi-Fi Password

why won't my samsung tv connect to wifi

Make sure you are entering the correct Wi-Fi password if this is your first time connecting to the network on your Samsung Smart TV. Thus, select the option to Show password by checking the box when the on-screen keyboard shows up. This will guarantee that the password you are typing is correct.

4. Reduce the Number of Devices Connected to Wi-Fi

The maximum number of devices that can connect to most Wi-Fi modems is limited. A given Wi-Fi network’s signal will get weaker the more devices you connect to it. Therefore, unplug any other devices that are linked to your Wi-Fi network if you are having trouble with the internet on your Samsung TV.

5. Connect to 2.4GHz

Connecting to the 2.4GHz network rather than the 5Ghz network is another easy way to resolve the Wi-Fi problem on the Samsung TV. Generally speaking, if you notice two Wi-Fi connections, choose the one with the 2.4Ghz signal.

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6. Re-add Wi-Fi Network

why won't my samsung tv connect to wifi

To resolve the Wi-Fi not working issue, you should also attempt to remove and then re-add the Wi-Fi network on your TV.

Take these actions to achieve that:

  • To access Settings, press the Settings button on the remote for your Samsung TV.
  • Alternatively, click the Settings icon on your TV’s home screen. On the main tab, it’s in the far left corner.
  • Select Network under General.
  • Select Open network settings after that.
  • Choose Wi-Fi.
  • The screen for the wireless connection will show up. Select Manage Networks You’ve Saved.
  • Choose the network you wish to remove, then click the Delete button.
  • After erasing the Wi-Fi network, repeat steps 1-4 to get the Wireless Connection screen. Choose the WiFi network you wish to connect to, then type in the password. Hopefully, your TV’s Wi-Fi will begin to function.

7. Keep TV Near Router

Verify that the TV and modem are within the compatible range if your Samsung TV keeps losing connection to the Wi-Fi or if you can’t see the Wi-Fi network on it.

Navigating to Settings > General > Network > Open network settings > Wireless will allow you to assess the network strength. The Wi-Fi networks that are available are displayed here. There will be a checkmark indicator next to the Wi-Fi network that you are currently connected to. Examine how many Wi-Fi bars are displayed next to the network. A better network is indicated by more bars.

Samsung advises that for the Wi-Fi network on Smart TVs to operate properly, the TV and router should be kept within 15.2 meters of one another. To improve the Wi-Fi range, you should either place them close to one another or install a wireless booster or extender between them.

8. Check Date and Time

When their Samsung TVs display the wrong time and date, many consumers have Wi-Fi problems. The router and TV have different date and time settings, which is why this is happening.

  • Turn on your TV’s settings.
  • Select System Manager under General.
  • Access Time.
  • Select the Clock menu item.
  • Select the Clock Mode menu item. Go to Auto if it says, Manual. Additionally, if it indicates “Auto,” select “Manual” and manually enter the time and date.

9. Take the Smart Hub Connection Test

why won't my samsung tv connect to wifi

Using the self-diagnosis option on your TV, you should test the Smart Hub connection to determine the nature of the network problem.

  • Your TV’s settings should open.
  • Select Device Care under Support.
  • Select “Self Diagnostic.”
  • Click on Test Smart Hub Connection.

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10. Change DNS and IP Settings

Frequently, adjusting the IP address or DNS server on your TV can also resolve issues with Wi-Fi not functioning or a certain app not functioning on Wi-Fi on your Samsung TV.

Take these actions:

  • Select Network under Settings > General.
  • Choose Network Status.
  • This is where you may view your network’s status. Access IP Settings.
  • Choose IP settings, then click “Get automatically.”
  • Descend and choose the DNS configuration. Pick Get immediately if it says, Manual. Alternatively, go to Manual if it says “Get automatically.”
  • The DNS Server option will be active when you select Manual. Using the numbers on your remote, enter
  • To save the modifications, click the OK button.
  • Turn the TV back on.

11. Change TV Name

You may experience Wi-Fi problems on two TVs in your house or place of business if they share the same name and are linked to the same wireless network. One of the TVs has to have its name changed.

  • Select System Manager under Settings > General.
  • Choose Device name and type in a new one.
  • Turn the TV back on.

12. Change Samsung TV Settings

why won't my samsung tv connect to wifi

Several people on different forums claim that their Wi-Fi problems were resolved by turning off the following Samsung TV settings:

  • Navigate to Expert Settings under Settings > General > Network. Switch off the phone’s power.
  • Navigate to Usage mode under Settings > General > System Manager. Home mode is set. In case a PIN is requested, type 0000.
  • Navigate to External Device Manager under Settings > General. Shut down AnyNet+.

13. Reset Network Settings

Resetting the TV’s network settings is necessary if there is no apparent solution for the Samsung TV’s Wi-Fi not working issue. This will return the network settings to their initial state. You’ll need to re-establish your connection to the WiFi network.

The procedures below can be used to reset the TV’s network settings:

  • Select Network under Settings > General.
  • General Network > Reset network on Samsung Smart TV 2.
  • There will be a pop-up confirmation window. To confirm, click the Reset button.
  • Re-add the WiFi network after that.

14. Reset Smart Hub

Next, you ought to attempt restarting your TV’s Smart Hub. By doing this, you can uninstall downloaded apps, reset Smart Hub settings, and delete TV-stored accounts.

  • Select Self Diagnosis under Settings > Support > Device Care.
  • Choose Smart Hub Reset. On the following screen, confirm by entering the PIN (0000).

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15. Factory Reset TV

why won't my samsung tv connect to wifi

Lastly, formatting your Samsung TV can be the worst step you have to take. The TV will return to its factory settings if you do this. It will need to be reconfigured, including the app installation, Wi-Fi addition, home screen customization, and more.

  1. Select Reset under Settings > General.
  2. There will be a pop-up confirmation window. To be sure, enter the PIN (0000).