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How to Set a Song as Alarm on iPhone? The Ultimate Guide in 2023!

how to make a song your alarm

Like the majority of iPhone users, I use the built-in Clock app to set an alarm to wake me up every day, but the iPhone’s default ringtones are abhorrent. “Beacon,” the post-apocalyptic siren of mayhem, is so sharp that it could jolt anyone out of the deepest sleep.

What’s the fix because the iPhone’s other default alternatives are also not very good? It really is that easy. We’ll go over a few methods for setting any song on Apple Music and Spotify as an alarm on your iPhone.

How to Set a Song as an Alarm on an iPhone?

I’ve whittled down the top three methods I discovered while investigating to use of music as an alarm on an iPhone. I’ll explain in this post how to use Apple Music, Spotify, or any local music file to set a song as an alarm. Additionally, you can set an alarm using the bedtime option, which provides a better selection of ringtones than the standard alarms menu.

1. Set a Bedtime

The built-in Bedtime feature on the iPhone lets you set a daily alarm for the morning and has its own selection of alarm tones that are far superior to the current monstrosities, though not many people use it. Bedtime has soft, comforting, and gentle tones.

The alarm no longer beeps. The reason I brought up this way is that the alarm tones are aesthetically beautiful and it’s a nice feature.

2. Set a Song as an Alarm on the iPhone with Apple Music

Like most people, I primarily just ask Siri to set my alarms, so I was unaware that there was a whole section dedicated to customizing the sound of the alarm. We now have to manually adjust the alarm tone in the Clock app because Siri will always select the default alarm tone when you ask it to.

If the song you’ve chosen is from the Apple Music collection, though, you’ll need to download it through the Music app in order for your alarm to play it.

The song will start playing when the alarm goes off after it has been downloaded.

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3. Set a Song as An Alarm on the iPhone with Spotify

I understand that not everyone enjoys music as much as they used to, or owns any at all. Thus, if you use Spotify, you may still utilize the service to set an alarm with a song. However, we have to find a solution because Spotify tracks don’t appear in the Clock app.

Now launch Music Alarm Clock Pro. You may set music from Spotify as an alarm with this straightforward alarm app. Install the app from the App Store now. The app is $2.99 and isn’t free.

To set a Spotify song as the alarm tone, choose Choose Music now. You would be asked to choose from the “Playlist or Song” options. Any public playlist can be used as your alarm sound, however doing so requires a paid Spotify account.

You can still set a song as your alarm tone, though, and it will play the song’s 30-second clip if you have a free Spotify account. If you have a Spotify Premium account, you are able to set the entire song as your alarm.

4. Use an MP3 file to Create an Alarm Tone

Despite being seen as a limited operating system, iOS nevertheless allows you to accomplish some pretty cool things, like making a ringtone on your iPhone from any MP3 file. All you need is an MP3 file of your favorite song and the Garageband program. However, since the iPhone doesn’t enable ringtones longer than that, you would only be able to produce 30-second ringtones using this method.

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Set a Song as Alarm on iPhone

These three methods demonstrated how to use an iPhone song as an alarm. Four, if you include the alarm for bedtime. It is easier to set a song with Apple Music because of its tight integration with the iOS environment. Finally, if you have an MP3 file, you may make a custom ringtone and set it as your alarm tone. Spotify doesn’t have a lot of permissions, so we have to use third-party software.

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