How to Use Find My Watch on Samsung? The Ultimate Guide in 2023!

find my watch samsung

It is annoying to misplace a pricey item, such as a Samsung smartwatch. Fortunately, Samsung has created a useful tool called “Find My Watch” to help you find your misplaced or pilfered device. This post will explain how to locate your Samsung watch, whether it went missing in a public area or got lost at home, using this feature successfully.

What Is “Find My Watch”?

“Find My Watch” is a useful tool provided by Samsung that lets you find and maybe get back a misplaced or stolen smartwatch. It’s comparable to “Find My Phone,” a program meant to help find misplaced handsets. This feature locates the watch using a combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS signals.

How to Activate “Find My Watch”?

You must make sure your Samsung smartwatch is configured for the “Find My Watch” feature before using it. Here’s how to make it active:

Sync Your Samsung Account: You need to connect your Samsung watch and account together. The “Find My Watch” service and your phone can communicate with the watch thanks to this connectivity.

Turn on Location Services: Verify that your Samsung watch has location services turned on. This enables the gadget to send location information to the Samsung servers when required.

Turn on Remote Connection: Make sure the remote connection feature on your Samsung watch is turned on in order to track it remotely. The watch and your smartphone can connect thanks to this feature even when they are not close.

How to Use “Find My Watch”?

find my watch samsung

Following the activation of “Find My Watch,” follow these instructions to utilize it to find your misplaced or stolen Samsung smartwatch:

  • Use your web browser to navigate to the “Find My Mobile” website (
  • Enter the details for your Samsung account to log in.
  • Select “Find My Watch” from the list of options after logging in.
  • The device will start attempting to locate your watch.
  • Your watch’s position will be shown on a map once the location has been established. For a more precise position, you can enlarge the image.
  • You can set your watch to play a sound to assist you in finding it if you think it’s close by. If your watch is someplace in your house or business, this feature is really useful.
  • You can remotely lock your watch to stop unwanted access in the event that it is stolen. In case someone finds it, you can also leave a message on the screen with your contact details.
  • You can remotely erase the data from your watch if you have private information on it and are worried that it might end up in the wrong hands.

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What If Your Watch Is Offline?

find my watch samsung

Occasionally, your Samsung watch may not be able to establish an internet connection for a variety of reasons, which can make using “Find My Watch” challenging. In these circumstances, you can take the following actions:

  • Verify Watch’s Last Known Location: The system will provide you with your watch’s last known location, which may still be useful in helping you find it.
  • Turn on Offline Finding: You can turn on “Offline Finding” in the settings of the most recent Samsung smartwatches. Because of this, the watch can send its location even when it isn’t connected. Remember that only a few models have access to this capability.
  • Talk to Samsung Support here: If everything else fails, you can get help finding your watch by contacting Samsung support.

Preventive Measures

Take into account the following precautions to reduce the likelihood that you will misplace your Samsung watch and improve the efficacy of the “Find My Watch” feature:

  • Sync Your Watch Often: Ensuring that your watch and smartphone are routinely linked enhances the precision of location data.
  • Establish a Secure Lock Screen: To prevent unwanted access to your watch, use a strong, secure lock screen password or PIN.
  • Backup Your Data: Regularly create a backup of your watch’s data to ensure you don’t lose any important information in the event that it is lost.
  • Employ a Tracking Device: To make it easier for you to find your watch, you might want to consider fastening a Bluetooth key finder or tracking device to the band.
  • Be Aware of Your Watch: Don’t leave your watch unattended and pay attention to it when you wear it in public.

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Although losing a Samsung wristwatch can be unpleasant, there’s a decent chance you can find it thanks to the “Find My Watch” feature, even if it gets misplaced or stolen. Reuniting with your Samsung watch is more likely if you adhere to the activation and usage directions in this article. To avoid these kinds of issues in the first place, always remember to take preventive action and, for optimal outcomes, always keep your watch’s settings up to date.