Why Is My Wallpaper Blurry iPhone? How to Fix it in 2023?

why is my wallpaper blurry iphone

“Why is the wallpaper on my iPhone fuzzy?” Is this the query that led you to this place? There are a number of reasons why the wallpaper on your iPhone’s lock screen or home screen could be fuzzy, including focus modes, widgets, wallpaper blur features, bugs, or low-quality wallpaper. Let’s examine the causes in more detail and learn how to resolve an iPhone’s fuzzy home screen and lock screen wallpaper.

1. Restart iPhone

Just restart your iPhone before moving on to further remedies. Restarting your iPhone should resolve any temporary bugs that are causing your wallpaper to appear hazy. Turning the iPhone off and back on again will restart it.

2. Disable the Home Screen Wallpaper Blur Feature.

why is my wallpaper blurry iphone

The ability to blur your iPhone’s home screen background is built-in. This setting may have been activated, which explains why the wallpaper on your iPhone’s home screen seems hazy.

To disable the iPhone’s home screen background blur, take these actions:

  • Access Settings > Wallpaper first.
  • Click Customize next to the background on your home screen.
  • To disable blur, tap the option located in the bottom-right corner. To save changes, tap the Done button at the top.

3. Turn off the Dim Lock Screen Feature

Using the Dim Lock screen feature, iPhone users can additionally blur the lock screen wallpaper for Focus settings. Your iPhone’s lock screen will therefore appear dim and hazy if the Dim Lock screen function is enabled for any current Focus mode.

Take these actions to solve the hazy lock screen wallpaper:

  • Select Focus under Settings. If the Focus profile is active, tap on it.
  • In order to disable the toggle next to the Dim lock screen, hit Options on iOS 17 and iOS 16. Your lock screen background should now look like ordinary wallpaper. Please be aware that Sleep Focus does not currently offer this feature. For that, use the next repair.
  • On iOS 15, disable the toggle next to the Dim lock screen by tapping on Lock Screen rather than Options.

4. Disable Sleep Focus.

You’ll notice a fuzzy lock screen immediately when you enable Sleep Focus. This is done to help you sleep well at night by preventing distractions. Regretfully, Sleep Focus’s lock screen dimming cannot be disabled. To remove the blurry lock screen wallpaper, you will need to turn off Sleep Focus or attempt the other solutions listed below.

1. Disable Sleep Mode

To begin with, you can disable Sleep Focus. To disable Sleep Focus, open Control Center on your iPhone, then tap the card. See alternative methods for turning off Focus on the iPhone.

2. Disable Sleep Mode Schedule

  • Select Sleep under Settings > Focus.
  • Under Schedule, scroll down and tap on any active schedule. Go to the next screen and turn it off.

3. Switch to a Different Focus Profile

Alternate Focus profiles, such as Do Not Disturb, Reading, etc., are also an option. Navigate to Settings > Focus to adjust the Focus mode. Choose an alternative Focus profile.

4. Make Your Own Profile of Focus

Even better, you can design your own unique Focus profile and adjust all the settings to resemble the Sleep Focus’s without obscuring the lock screen wallpaper. Tap the (+) Add icon at the top of Settings > Focus to create a new Focus profile, then follow the on-screen directions.

5. Unlink Sleep Focus From the Lock Screen

You can associate a Focus mode with a lock screen in iOS 17 and 16. Thus, to avoid blurry images, make sure Sleep Focus isn’t connected to your lock screen at the moment.

To access the notification panel, swipe down from the top edge. To access the lock screen personalization options, touch and hold any location on the screen. Press Sleep from the bottom. To remove it from your lock screen, tap Sleep Focus once again.

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5. Turn off Focus Sharing Across Devices

why is my wallpaper blurry iphone

Focus profiles can be shared between many Apple devices. As a result, if you enable Sleep Focus or any other Focus on one of your devices, other devices will also activate the same Focus, which may cause blurry images on your iPhone’s lock screen.

To prevent such accidents, just disable cross-device Focus sharing. Navigate to Settings > Focus for it. Toggle the Share across devices toggle off by scrolling down.

6. Make Active Widget Smaller

If an app widget on your iPhone appears larger than it usually does, it may cause blurry images on the lock screen. For example, tapping on the cover album that Spotify is currently playing will enlarge the Spotify widget and blur the lock screen wallpaper.

Other widgets might experience the same thing. You don’t need to be concerned. All you have to do is tap on any vacant area on your lock screen to restore the old wallpaper.

7. Use Good Quality Image

why is my wallpaper blurry iphone

You may get fuzzy lock screen wallpaper if you choose a low-quality or small-resolution image. It’s possible that your iPhone is distorting the little image, causing it to blur. All you have to do is download beautiful wallpapers for your iPhone.

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8. Reset Home Screen Layout

You will need to clear the home screen on your iPhone if the wallpaper is still hazy. Any adjustments or customizations you have made to your home screen will be lost if you do this.

Use these procedures to reset the home screen:

  • Navigate to Settings > General > iPhone transfer or reset.
  • Select the Reset home screen arrangement by tapping on Reset.