Top 5 Best Golf App for Apple Watch in 2023!

best golf app for apple watch

The Apple Watch is an excellent tool for tracking a variety of activities, including steps taken each day, workouts, and BPM. The watchOS, chip, sensors, and collaborative efforts of multiple developers have made it possible for your Apple Watch to track a variety of golf parameters.

We’ll go over some of the top golf applications for Apple Watch today that let you score, monitor your swing, see the course from above, and much more.

TheGrint – Best for Scores and Stats

TheGrint uses the World Handicap System, or WHS, which enables users to input their scores using their GHIN# information on USGA servers. Though it also offers an iPhone companion app, TheGrint is a great option for tracking data and keeping score on your Apple Watch.

In addition to keeping score at the individual hole level, you can receive alerts about your friends’ play on the golf course, as well as information on your strokes, number and distance of putts made on each hole, and whether you came across any hazards. Before, each player’s card had to be turned in at that point in order to keep track of everything. Just as good is the GPS feature for golf.

For $39.99 a year, you can get the Pro membership, which includes additional features including tracking on shot level, performance indicators, advanced level analytics, and the ability to upload scorecard photographs to automatically gather data.


  • Official World Handicap System
  • Advanced scoring and stats
  • Track friends’ scores, pictures, stats
  • Golf GPS
  • Can function without iPhone


  • None

2. Golfshot: The Greatest Use of Augmented Reality

best golf app for apple watch

Probably the first golf app for the Apple Watch to have Auto Shot Tracking and augmented reality is Golfshot. In addition to much more, you can see the course, your swing, shot movement, and distance.

Thousands of golf courses have been measured and tracked, so you can see an overview, the hole’s location, and the distance to any hazards directly on the Watch. The views from the flyover are amazing. Although the iPhone app is beautiful, the Apple Watch app is great and shows a ton of helpful GPS info. Your shot, swing, and other movements are marked in 3D animations of the golf course.

The monthly subscription fee is $4.99, or $49.99 for a full year.


Apple Watch is good at a lot of things like tracking BPM, the number of steps in a day, workouts, and more. Thanks to advancements in watchOS, chip, sensors, and combined efforts from various developers, your Apple Watch is effective for tracking various golf metrics too. Today, we will cover some of the best golf apps that you can use on Apple Watch to keep score, track swings, get an aerial view of the golf course, and much more.

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3. 18Birdies: Top All-Round Performer

The feature-rich software 18Birdies does a lot of things well. One of the few golf apps available for the Apple Watch that use real-time meteorological data—such as wind, humidity, and elevation—to suggest nearby clubs. Regular functions like rangefinder, stats, and so forth are available and free of charge.

Then there’s the option to auto-switch holes, side games with betting options, and a social feed to keep in touch with other players.

The starting price is $2.99.


  • Live weather conditions
  • Social feed
  • Side games
  • Rangefinder, stats
  • Affordable


  • UI is lagging compared to others.

4. Arccos – Best AI

best golf app for apple watch

In addition to creating apps for the iPhone and Apple Watch, Arccos also creates easily fitted smart sensors. Then, Arccos employs AI to automatically track your shots, distance traveled, club average, and other fascinating game statistics. You’ll be impressed by the accuracy because of the sensors. But this raises the price. After all, playing golf is an expensive sport.

You won’t need to carry your iPhone about, as some other Apple Watch golf apps need, because of the sensors.

The sensors are not free, but the Arccos app is. Prices begin at £179.99.


  • Accuracy
  • Convenience
  • No need to carry iPhone.


  • Can be expensive.
  • Needs sensors to take advantage of

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5. Tag Heuer – 3D Flyovers and 2D Maps

Although there are other Apple Watch golf apps available, none are as good as Tag Heuer’s. On your watch, you may access comprehensive 3D maps, flyovers of golf courses, and 2D interactive maps.

The typical features of a Watch GPS golf app include club advice, yardage to hazards and greens, scores and stats, and more. But Tag Heuer can be used as a companion app in addition to any other golf GPS app on the list.

The annual subscription fee is $19.99.


  • 3D flyovers of golf courses
  • 2D maps on Watch
  • Scores and stats
  • Yardage


  • Cannot be used as a standalone app