6 Ways Celebrities Protect Their Digital Privacy (And You Should Too)

6 Ways Celebrities Protect Their Digital Privacy (And You Should Too)

We all know the magnificent benefits of being a celebrity – everyone adores you, you are super rich, and you have a lifestyle many people dream of. But that comes at a cost. It comes at the price of your privacy and security, and celebrities have to be incredibly vigilant to protect themselves and their families.

This is primarily concerned with the physical world, and you will often see celebrities like Billie Eilish, Dustin Hoffman, and Lily Allen covering up to avoid the paparazzi. But what about the online world? Today, celebrities must also protect their digital privacy, and we discuss six ways they do this below.

  1. Password Protection

Password protection is one of the most basic things celebrities can do to keep their online world safe, and this has been an issue before, such as the celebrity photo hacking scandal where a person was able to hack celebrities’ phones and steal their private photos.

You can start by choosing complex passwords that include a mix of capital letters, special symbols, and numbers and not just choose your birthday or partner’s name! Don’t make your passwords personal – they should be a random word that has no association with you or your life. You should also strive to use unique passwords for each account, not the same password for everything!

  1. VPN Connectivity

As mentioned above, there have been various celebrity hacking scandals and incidents where people’s data has been stolen, and this is why some celebrities use a VPN service as a primary means of protection.

A Virtual Private Network essentially hides your IP address and allows you to connect through an online VPN server instead of directly to the internet. Your device is then protected, and your incoming and outgoing data can be monitored for malicious activity.

It’s easy to see how celebrities can benefit from a VPN service, and many regular people do, too.

  1. Censoring Child Images

Many celebrities like Ryan Reynolds censor any images of their children so that they stay out of the limelight, which you could also do if you want to protect your kids.

You will see many celebrity Instagram accounts with family photos of their children with blurred-out faces. This may seem unfair to the children, but it’s actually protecting them against malicious activity, such as predators or even people using the children to get to the celebrity.

  1. 2FA Authentication for Social Media Accounts

Today, many celebrities have a huge social media following and regularly post content on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Indeed, many celebrities have mind-blowing amounts of followers that span into the hundreds of millions.

With this usage and exposure, they must use advanced login methods such as 2FA (two-factor authentication) to prevent account hacks. This adds an extra layer of protection and means you need a unique code to log in to your account. It does take longer, but it’s virtually infallible.

  1. Refraining From Posting Location Info

If you look at your phone now, you probably have your GPS turned on, right? Many people do, and celebrities have to be careful with this and sharing their location info. It’s easy to share your current location on social media or via messages, even if you don’t intend to. This can be a nightmare for celebrities as you can guarantee that the paparazzi will be scouting the area!

Therefore, think carefully about when and how you use GPS tagging and sharing location information. A VPN service can also help with this by hiding your real location.

  1. Disciplined Information Sharing

A less tangible security measure that celebrities have to utilize is to be disciplined in their information sharing, which you can do, too. Celebrities can’t just share photos, news, and personal information with anyone, as there is always the chance it could be used maliciously for personal gain.

You should do this, too, and be incredibly thoughtful with what info you divulge to people. It’s incredibly easy to share your entire life online via social media, and people rarely stop to think if this is a good idea. Be selective, be reserved, and keep your information-sharing circle small.

Protect Your Digital World and Stay Secure Online

While some of this may seem like overkill, the above six protective measures are things anyone can do, whether you are a celebrity or not. Indeed, using things like a VPN service or 2FA authentication for logins is incredibly normal and things we advise you to consider to protect your online world.