How to Fix iPhone Camera Not Working Black Screen?

iphone camera not working black screen

Is the camera on your iPhone not functioning properly and displaying a blank screen when you try to take a picture? This generally occurs when your iPhone’s iOS version has a related fault or there is a brief hiccup in the camera app. You might not be able to use the front or back camera as a result.

Additionally, the camera may display a dark screen while using apps like WhatsApp, Reddit, and others. But do not fret. I’ve outlined the eleven fixes for the iPhone’s dark camera screen here.

These steps apply to all iPhones, including iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, XR, 11, and the newer iPhone 12 series.

How to Fix iPhone Camera Black Screen Issue?

1. Force Quit Camera App

This is the standard procedure to address malfunctioning or frozen applications. Let’s stop it now that your iPhone camera is not functioning and is displaying a dark screen.

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold if your iPhone has Face ID. Double-press the Home button on your iPhone if you have one. The iOS App Switcher is now open to you.
  • To force close the Camera app card, drag it all the way up.
  • Reopen the camera a little while later. If everything is operating as it should, check out our tutorial on using the iPhone camera like an expert. If the black screen problem is still not resolved, please see other fixes below.

2. Switch Between Front and Back Camera

A transient issue may cause the iPhone camera to display a blank screen if it is stuck between the front and back modes. Open the Camera app and tap the button to swap between the back and selfie cameras to resolve this. If you tap it several times, the issue ought to be resolved.

3. Turn off Live Photo

iphone camera not working black screen

Select the Live Photo icon from within the camera app. Three circles make up this object. (View the picture). After turning off Live Photo, a slash () will appear on the icon.

4. Turn the Flashlight On and off.

  • Turn the flashlight on and off.
  • Swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen to open the iPhone Control Center. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen if the Home button is present on your iPhone.
  • Press the icon for the flashlight to turn it on, and then, a few seconds later, press the same icon to turn it off.

Check if the black screen has vanished by opening the Camera app now.

5. Is Your iPhone Too Hot?

Your iPhone may have a dark camera screen and an unresponsive touchscreen, or it may turn off automatically and refuse to turn back on until it cools down if it becomes too hot.

If your iPhone is overheating, take off the case and switch it off. Give it a five to ten-minute rest.

6. Restart your iPhone

iphone camera not working black screen

A quick and effective solution to the black camera screen problem is to restart. Press and hold the right side button and one of the volume buttons simultaneously to turn off your iPhone with Face ID. Press and hold the power button on other iPhone models. Slider: Move it to the right.

Give your iPhone a minute to warm up before using the switch. The camera issue ought to be resolved after this.

7. Disable the VoiceOver Accessibility Option

Turning off VoiceOver has helped a few customers who utilize accessibility features to resolve the unresponsive black camera screen issue. Here’s how to carry it out.

Note: Tapping once chooses an item and tapping twice activates the selected item while VoiceOver is enabled. This implies that in order to access an option or toggle an item on or off, you will need to double-tap.

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone, then select Accessibility.
  • Verify if VoiceOver is enabled.
  • From the following screen, tap on it to turn it off.

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8. Disable Camera Location Access

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone, then scroll down and select Privacy.
  • Give Location Services a tap.
  • Press Camera, then select Never from the resulting screen.
  • Check to see if the black screen is still present by opening the Camera app.

9. Ensure the Camera is not Restricted in Screen Time

iphone camera not working black screen

The iPhone camera would vanish or become gray if you had set restrictions on Screen Time, and it would also disappear from the Home Screen and lock screen. In the odd event that you are able to run it despite seeing a black screen (due to a bug or glitch), here’s how to disable the restrictions.

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone, then select Screen Time.
  • Click or tap Content & Privacy Limitations.
  • Click on Apps Allowed.
  • Verify that the camera switch is in the green.

10. Update your iPhone

An obsolete iOS version on your iPhone could cause a frozen or blank camera screen. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to fix this. Click Download and Install to see if there are any pending updates.

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11. Reset All Settings

Finally, try resetting all the settings if that doesn’t work. This could resolve the black camera problem as it will remove all settings and return them to their original configuration.

  • Select General from within the iPhone Settings app.
  • Select Reset at the bottom, followed by Reset All Settings.
  • After the procedure is finished, open the Camera app, and it ought to function as intended.