How Do You Silence Notifications on iPhone? A Step By Step Guide in 2023!

notifications silenced iphone

The iPhone’s notification system consists of several sounds and pop-up windows that notify you when anything significant occurs on your phone. Different notifications are available for voicemails, text messages, phone calls, and Instagram comments. As a matter of fact, your iPhone probably comes with a notification system unique to each app.

Notifications have a purpose, no doubt about it, but occasionally they might impede your work, keep you from sleeping, or just irritate you. Thankfully, there are several scenarios in which you can control and turn off notifications on your iPhone. Let’s examine the various situations in which you might want to disable notifications, such as those that occur at particular times, from particular apps, or from individuals you communicate with.

How Do You Silence Notifications on iPhone?

A multitude of functions on your iPhone work together to simplify the handling of notifications. This is a summary of the many scenarios in which you can mute your notifications.

How to Silence All Notifications?

notifications silenced iphone

Priorities first. You should turn off all of your notifications if you are taking your phone somewhere that needs silence, like church, a concert, the doctor’s office, the library, etc. Putting your iPhone in silent mode is the simplest method to be sure it won’t start buzzing or beeping at the worst possible moment.

To easily silence everything on your iPhone, look for the little switch on the left side of the device. Notifications won’t be sent to you, and you won’t be notified when a call or text comes in.

How to Mute Notifications from Specific Apps?

Is email ablaze right now? Are you unable to stop staring at a popular Instagram post? This is how to turn off notifications from very loud apps. You have the option to make this feature temporary (for days when you just can’t handle them) or permanent so you never have to deal with them again.

Make it Permanent

Here’s how to turn off an app’s alerts permanently:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Select ‘Notifications’.
  • Select the program you wish to quit by scrolling down your installed app list.
  • If you prefer not to see or hear notifications, toggle off “Allow Notifications.” If not, turn off “Sounds” to turn off that specific app’s notifications.

Keep It Temporary

Simply need to take a vacation from a particular iPhone app? Here’s how to turn off a bothersome app for a while:

On your iPhone, swipe down to access the “Notification Center.”
To control an app, gently swipe left on it until the ‘Options’ option shows up.
Select “Options.”
Select “Mute for Today” or “Mute for 1 Hour.”
As an alternative, you can tap “View Settings,” which will direct you to the screen where you can permanently alter the settings.

How to Mute Notifications from Certain People?

notifications silenced iphone

Whether we’re at work or at the beach reading our favorite book, we’ve all had that one friend who wants to text all day. With iOS 16 and later, you can utilize Focus mode to block alerts from particular users:

  • Your iPhone’s Settings should open.
  • Press “Focus.”
  • In the top right corner, tap the “+.”
  • Select “Custom.”
  • Select your focus’s name and color scheme, then hit “Next.”
  • Click “People.”
  • Select “Allow Notifications From” or “Silence Notifications From” based on the number of individuals you wish to include in the list.
  • Selecting “Add People” will cause your contacts to open. Depending on the option you selected, you may now select the individuals from whom you wish to block or permit notifications.

Silence Message Notifications from Certain People

On your iPhone, you can also choose to turn off notifications from particular individuals in the Messages app. This is how you do it:

  • Get your iPhone’s Messages app open.
  • To mute a user, tap on a thread including that user.
  • Press the name or number of the contact.
  • Turn off “Hide Alerts.”

How to Silence Notifications at Specific Times?

notifications silenced iphone

There are a plethora of uses for the iPhone’s focus feature. You may use Focus to mute specific individuals as well as to turn off iPhone notifications at particular periods of the day or night.

You can adjust the sound profiles that Focus maintains to suit your preferences. This is how to set up Focus to mute alerts at particular hours of the day.

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Use Focus to Silence Notifications at Night or At Other Times

  1. On your iPhone, open Settings and select “Focus.”
  2. Click on “Do Not Disturb.”
  3. After swiping down, select “Add Schedule.”
  4. Decide how long you want to have your notifications turned off while you sleep. ‘Do Not Disturb’ times can be extended in accordance with your schedule needs.
  5. If you would like to accept any critical messages during this time, return to the previous screen, select “People” or “Apps,” and add the desired notifications.

How to Silence Notifications in Specific Locations or When Specific Apps Are Opened?

notifications silenced iphone

You can also utilize Focus to turn off notifications when a particular app is accessed or based on where you are. Would you like to read the most recent electronic book? When you launch the Books app, configure Focus to turn off notifications. Turn off your alerts before you go to work. Here’s how to make use of this very practical feature:

  • On your iPhone, open Settings and select “Focus.”
  • Click on “Do Not Disturb.”
  • Select “Add Schedule.”
  • Select “Location” or “App.”
  • To enable location-based focus, select “Location,” enter your address in the designated field, and then select “Done.”
  • To enable app-based focus, hit “App” and select the app you wish to launch, which will cause your notifications to be silenced.

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How to Get All Notifications at A Specific Time?

Additionally, you can turn off all of your real-time notifications and receive a summary of them all at a given time. If you want to concentrate at work and simply catch up with people and applications when you get home, this is helpful.

Here’s how to utilize Schedule Summary on your iPhone to get notifications in batches:

  • Take out your iPhone and select Settings.
  • Select ‘Notifications’.
  • Toggle “Schedule Summary” by tapping it.
  • To activate this feature, tap “Continue.”
  • Select the apps you want to use during the summer (the Schedule Summary does not include messages or notifications that expire soon).
  • Select “Add Apps.”
  • Select a time slot to obtain your Schedule Summary. It can be scheduled to occur once or more times during the day.
  • Select “Enable Notification Summary.”