How to Silence Notifications on Android? Try These Methods in 2023!

silenced notification

Up until you have an urgent task to complete on your phone, notifications are a blessing. Notifications then turn into a curse. Imagine this: during a meeting or class, you are sharing a screen when your friend sends you a very embarrassing message.

The notification will be shown to every meeting attendee. Thankfully, you can easily prevent this kind of mistake by temporarily disabling notifications on your Android phone.

Pause All Notifications on Android Using Do Not Disturb Mode

silenced notification

Silent mode on the phone can be used to block alerts, but it only blocks sound-based notifications. Pop-up alerts will continue to appear on your screen. Enabling the Do Not Disturb (DND) mode on Android is necessary in order to temporarily disable alerts.

It has a single button that allows you to disable all alerts. It is up to you to personalize and set exceptions for the kind and manner of notifications that you wish to receive.

Here’s how to make it active:

  • Go to Sound & vibration in Settings on your phone. Turn on “Do Not Disturb.”
  • Navigate to “Settings -> Notifications -> Do not disturb” on Samsung phones. Use the settings’ top search bar to look for “Do not disturb” if you can’t locate it in either of these two locations.
  • To turn it on, tap the “Turn on now” button. As an alternative, turn on the toggle beside “Do not disturb.” Additionally, you’ll need to adjust the DND mode to suit your requirements.

This panel has a lot of customizing options. The hide or buried notification settings are the most crucial. Apply a tap. Again, more customization options will be visible to you. Activate the “No visual or sound from notifications” setting. You can choose to “Hide pop-up notifications” on your Samsung.

When turned on, pop-up and audio alerts won’t appear. There won’t be any notifications in the notification panel, and it will appear empty. All of the missed alerts will, however, show up on the notification panel if you turn off DND mode.

In addition, you have the ability to make exceptions, which allow you to choose which users, sounds, and apps automatically enable notifications. To have the mode automatically activate and deactivate at predetermined periods, you can even build a DND schedule.

To enable regular notification receiving on your phone, all you need to do is switch off DND mode. To do that, turn off DND mode and repeat step 2 above. Alternatively, you can swipe down from the notification panel to visit Quick Settings, where you can turn it off. Once you have customized the settings to suit your preferences, you can also enable DND mode from the Quick settings.

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Pause Notifications for Individual Apps

silenced notification

You can disable notifications for every app by using the aforementioned method. Use the notification settings specific to each app if you wish to momentarily turn off notifications for just a few of them.

  • Go to Apps by opening Settings.
  • Find the app whose notifications you wish to disable under the installed or all applications section. Using WhatsApp as an example, tap Notifications and then WhatsApp.
  • Disable the initial toggle. It ought to read something like “Show notifications” or “All WhatsApp notifications.” You can disable all WhatsApp notifications by doing this. In other words, a new message will appear in the WhatsApp program secretly and without notifying you. To see whether there are any new messages, you must launch WhatsApp.

Likewise, disable additional app notifications by disabling the top toggle. Within an app, you may adjust and disable notifications for specific categories. For example, you cannot disable individual communications without also disabling group messages. The app notification settings are where you will discover all of the personalization options.