How to Uninstall Apps on Samsung Tv? A Step By Step Guide in 2023!

samsung tv uninstall app

Samsung smart TVs have the majority of streaming apps, including Netflix and Hulu, pre-installed. However, you can be low on storage if you have loaded apps in addition to the ones that were pre-installed. In that scenario, uninstalling them is simple.

There are multiple justifications for removing apps from your Samsung TV. For example, you could want to uninstall an installed software because it keeps crashing. Or, once installed, you might discover that the software is worthless. To clear up some space on your TV, you don’t need to remove the apps if you have an external storage device.

We will walk you through the process of installing or uninstalling an application on your Samsung TV in this article.

How Can I Remove Apps from My Samsung TV?

You may quickly delete apps from the app’s settings if you decide you no longer wish to use them on your TV.

Observe these procedures to remove apps from your Samsung TV:

  1. From your remote control, press the Home button.
  2. From the lower section of the screen, highlight and choose the APPS menu.
  3. You will see a list of installed apps on your TV in the Apps screen. On top right corner, there is a gear icon that says Settings. Please click the Settings icon after navigating to it.
  4. Proceed to the application you wish to remove and click on it.
  5. From the list of alternatives, select Delete.
  6. Choose the Delete button found in the confirmation popup. When the delete is finished, you will see the message “Deleted successfully.”

Delete All Apps on Samsung TV

samsung tv uninstall app

You can also uninstall programs one at a time using the above procedure. Alternatively, you can factory reset your TV to get rid of all the installed apps and customized settings. On your TV, the pre-installed apps won’t be removed, though.

Once your TV has been factory reset, you have to configure everything from scratch.

Here’s how to reset your Samsung TV to factory defaults:

  1. Press the Home button on your TV remote, then swipe left to find the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Navigate to General under Settings and choose Reset from the right pane.
  3. Before doing a reset on your TV, if it has a PIN configured, you will be asked to input it.
  4. Your TV will restart after the reset is finished, and you will have to configure everything again just like the first time you did it when you bought it.

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How to Install Apps on Samsung TV?

Installing apps other than the ones that come pre-installed on your TV is a simple process. They are easily installable via the Samsung TV app store.

Here’s how to set up the Samsung TV apps:

  1. Using the TV remote, press the Home button.
  2. From the screen’s lower left corner, choose the APPS menu.
  3. On the upper right corner, there will be a lens symbol for app searching. Choose it.
  4. Enter the name of the program you wish to install in the search bar.
  5. After the app of your choice appears on the screen, select it with your mouse and press the Enter button on your remote control.
  6. Select the Install button indicated beside the application name.
  7. If you are not signed in with your Samsung account, you will be prompted with a Sign in popup. If you have a Samsung account already, you can sign in quickly. Else you may also establish a new Samsung account following the on-screen prompts.
  8. Once you are signed in, the app download will begin automatically.
  9. Once the download is completed, you may open the application immediately from there by choosing the Open option. You can add the app to your home screen by tapping the Add to Home button.

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How to Update Apps on Samsung TV?

samsung tv uninstall app

Sometimes, if the app is old, it may cease responding. You might think of removing the program but it is not essential. In such a circumstance, updating the program to the current version can assist solve the issue.

Updating apps on your Samsung TV is fairly easy. You don’t need to update the apps individually. An auto-update option is available to the apps, which updates the apps immediately once the update is available. However, you can also manually update the apps if the auto-update does not work. Here’s how:

  1. Open APPS menu from the home screen.
  2. Select the gear icon on the APPS page.
  3. In the top-right corner of the screen, you will find Auto Update. If it is OFF, select it and hit Enter to set it ON.
  4. auto update apps turn on
  5. If you want to manually update your app or claim the auto-update feature did not update the app, come back to the APPS page and choose the app you want to update.
  6. If that software has an update available, you will see the Update button instead of Open. Select Update, and it will start upgrading the app.