How to Get a QR Code for A Google Form? A Step By Step Guide in 2023!

how to get a qr code for a google form

Links on Google Forms are rather lengthy. Yes, you can shorten them, but typing them still presents a challenge. You may quickly and easily streamline the process by creating a QR code for your Google Form.

Without requiring any manual input, the receivers can access Google Forms by just scanning the QR code. Let’s see how to make a free QR code for Google Forms.

1. Using Google Chrome Browser (Mobile, PC)

Any website, including Google Forms, may be easily QR coded if you use the Chrome browser on your PC or mobile device.

1.Create Google Form QR Code in Chrome on a PC

1. Using your PC’s Chrome browser, open the Google Form whose QR code you wish to create.

how to get a qr code for a google form

2. In Chrome’s address bar, click the Share icon. Using the menu, choose Create QR code.

how to get a qr code for a google form

3. Your form’s QR code will be produced right away. To download and save it to your PC, click the download button. Afterwards, you may transmit the Google Form QR code via a messaging app, attach it to an email, etc.

2. Create Google Form QR Code in Chrome on Mobile

If your phone’s default browser is Google Chrome, open the Google Drive app and tap the form that needs a QR code created. Chrome will be the browser used to open it.

As an alternative, open by using the Chrome browser straight away. Enter your Google account information and select the required form.

While Chrome is open and the form is visible, hit the three dots symbol and choose Share from the menu.

The window for sharing will open. After selecting a QR code, scroll through the sharing options at the bottom.

There will be a QR code generated. To save it to your phone, simply tap the “Download” button.

2. Using Any Browser (Mobile, PC)

A Google Chrome browser is necessary for the aforementioned strategy to work. Even if you don’t use Chrome, you can still utilise QR code generator websites to make a QR code for Google Forms.

1. On your computer or mobile device, open the Google Form in any browser.

2. Select the Send icon (for mobile devices) or button (for PCs) at the top.

3. A window labelled “Send Form” will open. Press the icon for a link. The URL to your Google Form is visible here.

4. Copy the complete URL after selecting it.

5. Launch a browser and navigate to

6. In the Enter URL text box, paste the URL for the Google Form that you copied in step 4.

7. The right panel is where the QR code will be generated. To save the QR code to your computer or mobile device, click the Download icon located above it.

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3. Using QR Code Generator Apps (Android, iPhone)

In this way, we will create a QR code for Google Forms utilising programmes that generate QR codes. If you frequently wish to produce QR codes for your forms, this method is useful.

Make a QR Code with your iPhone.

1. On your iPhone, install the Easy QR Scan app.

how to get a qr code for a google form

2. To obtain the Forms link, complete the first four steps of the aforementioned technique after installing the app. In other words, launch the Google Form in a web browser, select Send, and then locate and copy the URL.

3. Launch the Easy QR Scan mobile application.

4. Select the Website option by tapping the Create button located at the bottom.

how to get a qr code for a google form

5. Click the Create button after pasting the URL for the Google Form that you copied in step 2.

6. Your form’s QR code will appear. To download it to your iPhone, either take a screenshot or hit the Save to Album button. By clicking the Share button, you can instantly share it with other people.

Create QR Code on Android

1. On your Android phone, install the QR code creator app.

2. Locate the link to the Google Form using the technique 2. Make a copy of the URL.

3. Launch the app for creating QR codes.

4. To create the QR code, paste the link into the text field and select the Play icon at the top.

5. Your Google Form’s QR code will appear. Press the Share symbol to send it via email or messaging apps or tap the Save icon to download it to your Android phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is There Any Way to Obtain a Free Google Form Qr Code?

Yes, you can create QR codes for Google Forms using an add-on for Google Workspace. View further awesome Google Forms add-ons.

  • How May a QR Code Be Added to A Google Form?

With the picture tool, you may include a QR code in your Google Form.

  • How Can I Scan the QR Code on A Google Form?

Like any other QR code, Google Form QR codes may be scanned. Just point your smartphone’s Camera app in the direction of the QR code. Alternatively, find out how to scan QR codes on iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Pixel phones.