How to Connect Samsung Phone to Samsung Tv? A Step By Step Guide in 2023!

how to connect samsung phone to samsung tv

Although smartphones let you watch media on the go, there are occasions when you’d prefer to showcase content on a larger screen. Mirroring tools are a frequent way to get around problems. There are, nevertheless, several methods for linking Samsung phones to televisions.

You can quickly share a TikTok video with pals or cast Netflix to your TV in case you don’t have Wi-Fi. Discover the best ways to connect Samsung phones to TVs—along with some third-party options—by reading on.

How to Wirelessly Connect a Samsung Phone to a TV?

A Samsung phone and a television can be easily connected using the wireless option. Generally speaking, unless you have an unlimited data plan, you’ll need to have access to Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi Direct and Smart View are two built-in capabilities that you can use with contemporary Samsung phones. Quick Connect is the name given to Smart View on earlier devices.

Make sure your TV is “smart” and has screen mirroring before using these functions. You can learn more about this via the TV settings menu or user manual, albeit it differs depending on the manufacturer.

Connect Samsung Phone to TV with Smart View

1. Locate Smart View

how to connect samsung phone to samsung tv

Swipe down to reveal your phone’s notification bar and launch the Smart View app. Check for Smart View in the Quick Access panel. Not able to see it? With your smartphone’s search function, you can find it.

2. Choose a Device

Press the Smart View icon when both your TV and smartphone are on the same network. After a little while, the new screen will load and show you a list of compatible devices that you can couple with your phone.

3. Connect to TV

how to connect samsung phone to samsung tv

To initiate the connection, tap your TV once you’ve found it on the list. Observe any instructions that pop up on the screen. To modify the aspect ratio, conceal alerts, or guarantee that your phone remains awake, simply select the 3-dot menu to gain entry to the Smart View options.

Connect Samsung Phone to TV with Wi-Fi Direct

As an alternative, you can apply this technique:

1. Access Settings

how to connect samsung phone to samsung tv

On your smartphone, navigate to Settings and hit the Connections section. This brings up your device’s other connectivity options as well as your Wi-Fi network.

2. Connections

Select the Wi-Fi section by tapping on it from this menu. A new screen will now appear, displaying your current network as well as any networks that are close by. To locate Wi-Fi direct, make sure you are linked to the correct network and choose the 3-dot menu.

3. Connect with Wi-Fi Direct

how to connect samsung phone to samsung tv

A screenshot such the one below should appear, along with a list of devices your phone can connect to. Find your TV and pick it to get the connection started.

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How to Connect Samsung Phone to TV with HDMI?

When showcasing content from your phone on a TV, there are situations in which utilizing a wireless network is not a choice. It can be the result of a bad connection or no WiFi at all. In either scenario, an HDMI cable can be used to link a Samsung phone to a TV.

For this option, you will need to buy a USB to HDMI converter. You should use an appropriate aftermarket option or the official Samsung cable for phones that are more recent. Make sure the charging cable and the cable for your previous Samsung phone have the same USC type.

When the cable arrives, insert the HDMI end into an HDMI port on your television and connect the other end to your phone. Your screen ought to be mirrored to the screen when you adjust your TV input to match the HDMI port you used.

Sharing media while on the fly isn’t the best use case for carrying a cable. An good option to view Netflix on a TV without Wi-Fi is with a USB-C to HDMI adaptor, which can also significantly improve older TVs.