How to Fix Phone Icon Missing on iPhone? Try These Methods in 2023!

phone icon missing on iphone

You can try searching the App Library, Spotlight Search, restarting or updating your phone, or rearranging your home screen layout if your iPhone’s Phone icon is missing from the home screen.

Making phone calls is one of the most basic functions of an iPhone, despite its many other purposes. In most situations, I would rather text, but there are times when calling someone makes much more sense.

Sadly, there may be occasions when you try to make a call and discover that the symbol for your Phone app is gone from the screen that it normally appears on. Though there are thankfully methods to attempt to restore it, this might be a concerning scenario. To find out more, continue reading.

Key Takeaways

Two quick and simple ways to try and find your Phone app are to search the App Library and use Spotlight Search.

  • Restarting the device can often resolve difficulties such as these, as it resets the system memory and gives it a fresh start. As updates are frequently released with bug and glitch patches, check sure you are running the most recent version of iOS.
  • Resetting your home screen layout is another option you might try to see if the program moves back to its proper place.

1. Use the App Library

phone icon missing on iphone

The App Library is among the first locations to look for your missing Phone icon. You just need to swipe left till you get to your last home screen to access the App Library. Swipe left one more on this final screen to access the app library.

You have two options: search for the Phone app or browse the list of apps it offers until you locate it.

To relocate it to your desired area and drag it back onto your home screen, simply press and hold the icon if you find it here.

2. Utilize Spotlight Search

Using Spotlight Search is an additional method of looking through your apps to locate the Phone app. You only need to swipe down from the center of any of your home screens to access this search. Just type the word “Phone” into the search bar.

Similar to the app library, you may drag an app on your home screen and rearrange it if you find it among the results.

3. Restart or Update Your iPhone

phone icon missing on iphone

The next step, if you haven’t succeeded yet, is to attempt restarting or updating your device. A fast reset or update can frequently resolve odd bugs or glitches that occasionally seem to arise out of nowhere on our gadgets.

Restarting the device can clear its memory and give it a fresh start, which frequently fixes odd software interactions and/or issues. However, updates frequently bring bug and glitch fixes that fix problems much like this one.

While restarting your device is a quick fix, there are no assurances that it will solve this issue, so you might as well give it a shot.

Always update to the most recent version of iOS; in addition to fixing frequent bugs and issues, many updates bring security fixes and other improvements to the quality of life.

Holding down the side power button and the volume down button for a few seconds will restart your iPhone.

To switch off the device, simply slide the Power slider when it displays. After approximately 30 seconds of inactivity, press and hold the side power button until the Apple logo displays, then let go.

You must navigate to Settings > General > Software Update in order to update. If an update is available, select Install and Download. The update will be completed in a few minutes, or possibly longer, depending on factors like your network connection.

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4. Reset Home Screen Layout

Your Phone app icon may appear again after completely rearranging the layout of your home screen.

Remember that doing this will relocate all of your applications back to their original locations and remove any folders you may have established to arrange your apps—but it won’t reset your data or apps.

You must navigate to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout in order to reset your home screen layout. Your device will display the Phone icon once more if this is successful.

It’s a good idea to have a backup before resetting anything, including your layout, settings, or the entire device, in case something goes wrong or this remedy doesn’t work and you want to get your device back to way it was.

Taking the device to a professional might help you identify and resolve the issue if none of these fixes are successful in restoring the Phone icon.