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How to Manage YouTube Tv Family Sharing? A Step By Step Guide in 2023!

youtube family sharing

A single YouTube TV subscription can be shared with up to five additional users thanks to family sharing. It can be a convenient and affordable method to watch live TV online, with up to six users sharing a single account. Here’s how to use YouTube TV for family sharing setup and management.

Currently, a monthly subscription to YouTube TV costs $64.99. It is now more expensive than some other live TV streaming services after several price rises. The opportunity to share an account with someone else is expected to prove quite enticing at the cost level, as price is becoming a bigger factor for YouTube TV users.

The overall user experience is one advantage of sharing a YouTube TV subscription, in addition to the financial savings. While a customer may just give out their login information, family sharing enables them to protect those details while also giving each member access to a separate account with unique settings, preferences, and even a cloud DVR.

How YouTube Tv’s Family Sharing Works?

To use family sharing, an individual must first sign up for a membership before sharing it with others. As a result, the individual who shares the subscription will be categorized as the family manager. The subscription is ultimately under the family manager’s authority.

Although family members can unsubscribe from a YouTube TV family group, only the manager has the ability to modify the subscription as a whole, including stopping YouTube TV. In the same way, only the family manager has the authority to extend an invitation to new members of the YouTube TV family.

How to set up and invite a family member:

1. Go to YouTube TV.

2. Log in

3. Choose your profile photo.

4. Select Settings.

5. Choose Family Sharing.

6. Click Set up

7. Type in the phone number or email address.

8. Click. Send

Notification of the invitation to join a YouTube TV family group will be sent to the individual receiving it. An email verifying the new family member’s addition will be sent to the family manager as soon as they join.

While creating a YouTube TV family group is rather simple, this may not be the best option for every family. A few restrictions that could impact how the service is used are, for instance, the inability to watch YouTube TV in multiple houses and the maximum number of devices that can stream simultaneously. As a result, some people could discover that once family sharing is established, it doesn’t always work for their particular family’s needs.

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How to Manage Family Sharing?

Once family sharing is established, the family manager often doesn’t have too much work to do. There are several advantages to sharing a membership, one of which is a more personalized user experience.

Consequently, further family members will be able to handle their subaccounts primarily on their own without assistance from other family members, including the ability to remove themselves from the account if they so want.

The family manager has the ability to manually delete family members who have stopped using the service but haven’t done so on their own. This process is somewhat similar to how they were joined in the first place.

Taking a family member away:

1. Go to YouTube TV.

2. Log in

3. Select your profile image.

4. Choose Settings.

5. Select “Family sharing.”

6. Choose Manage.

7. Select the member of the family group.

8. Select “Remove member.”

The individual who has been removed from the family group will get a notification informing them of their removal, just like when a new member is added. Managers have the ability to eliminate an entire family group in addition to deleting individual family members. This will return the YouTube TV subscription to its initial state, but it won’t cancel it.

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