She’s called “Kimmy.” In an unedited snapshot taken during a visit to a jail in the Los Angeles region, Kim Kardashian-West seems thinner than she has in years and DROWNS in her baggy trousers.

Recently, Kim posted photos and details of her visit to the Barry J Nidorf Juvenile Facility in Los Angeles, which she took last week. In her opinion, the young males she had the “chance” to spend time with were “very impressive.” “Young adults need our attention,” the 41-year-old went on to remark. “They shared tales with me and I genuinely understood it”

SKINNY KIMMY Fans are worried about Kim’s health because of her recent media attention focused on her razor-thin waist. For the Met Gala in May, the reality star admits to shedding 16 pounds in only three weeks in order to fit into a Marilyn Monroe outfit.

Fears about Kim’s well-being Kim’s family and friends are concerned about her, even though she claims to like her present shape. Kim’s family is afraid that she is losing too much weight and is “barely sleeping,” according to an exclusive report in the Sun.