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Top 10 Apps & Tools for Quickly Recognizing Fonts

Top 10 Apps & Tools for Quickly Recognizing Fonts

Any designer will tell you that picking the right typeface can completely transform your work. What’s more, you may find a great deal of web design examples that feature typefaces as the primary visual element. It’s not always easy to tell which font was used in a design because there are so many to choose from.

This post compiles the greatest font identification resources currently available online, including options for free fonts. It’s not uncommon for online apps to be accompanied with a complementary browser plugin. Browse the links below and save them to your bookmarks so you’ll never again have to second-guess the typeface used in a design or on a website.


WhatTheFont, a feature of MyFonts, is a handy tool for determining the typefaces used in a given image. It works with PNG and JPG images and searches their database of more than 133,000 fonts for a close match.

The Ultimate Typeface Master

Another handy add-on for Chrome that can help you recognize typefaces is called Font face Ninja. What sets this one distinct is the option to try the fonts with your own text and the ability to immediately purchase the font by clicking on the pricing or download link. It works with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

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A Compatibility Tool for FontSpring

The FontSpring Matcherator allows you to identify typefaces used in a picture by uploading the image or sharing the image’s URL. The program works with OpenType fonts and has a tag refining function for more specific outcomes.

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Identifont has a slightly different operation mode than the rest of the programs here. It helps you recognize fonts by asking you a series of questions about the font. The results provide the three best matches and a selection of related typefaces.

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Finding Serif Fonts: A Reference

This resource will be useful if you know that the font you’re attempting to identify is a Serif. It is specific to serif fonts and uses a series of questions to help you identify the specific typeface used.

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Tiff advertises itself as a font selector tool that helps you zero in on a specific font family. If you’re having trouble deciding which font to use for a project, this handy tool will show you the key differences between the two options.


It’s not uncommon to be vaguely familiar with a font’s identity yet unable to name it with certainty. If you’re having trouble deciding between several different typefaces, TypeTester could be useful because it allows you to compare three at once.

Quora’s Typeface Identification

Just ask, and you shall receive an answer. What better place to pose a question than Quora? Check out the section devoted specifically to identifying typefaces to seek help from fellow font enthusiasts from across the globe.

Identifying the fonts you see online is no longer mission impossible. Thanks to technologies featured in this roundup, you can simply find out which font was used on any website as well as fonts used on image overlays or other visual designs.

Be sure to add these tools to your design toolbox and have fun recognizing typefaces!

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