Rob Kardashian have a girlfriend? how true is this? Some Rumors Around It!

Rob Kardashian have a girlfriend?

According to a report that has appeared on a Kardashian-specific subreddit, Rob Kardashian is engaged.

Rumors that Kardashian was dating Forma Pilates founder and Los Angeles-based fitness teacher Liana Levi first arose in 2022.


Fans, however, believe that the youngest Kardashian, who spends most of his time away from the spotlight, is arranging a wedding.

According to rumors, Rob Kardashian and Liana Levi are secretly dating.

The former reality TV star and the pilates instructor—who works with Kardashian Jenner’s sister—were connected when Levi posted an Instagram story of a letter she and Kardashian had written to a friend.


The article was republished by fashion designer Nicholas Bijan and his wife Roxy Bijan, who had a baby on February 22.

A message that said “Roxy and Nicholas, Congratulations! ” appeared in the picture. I’m really glad and thrilled for the next phase of your life. Looking forward to meeting your little princess. Rob and Liana with love.

Although the photograph was uploaded and both Levi and Kardashian’s Instagrams were tagged, some people weren’t sure whether it signified they were simply close friends.

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The Kardashian sisters allegedly disapprove of Rob and Liana’s relationship, according to fans.

Levi used to follow all of the Kardashian sisters, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian, but he no longer does, claims another Reddit member.


Additionally, they apparently used to follow her but no longer do for reasons that are unclear but hypothesized.

This Redditor said, “I think it’s a Chyna issue all over again.” “Rob becomes engaged to a family acquaintance, conceives her, and later notifies his family. He rushes this connection, and the siblings are now at odds.

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Has Rob Kardashian ever dated anyone?

Aileen Gisselle, an Instagram model and the brains behind the kids’ apparel line Haus of Kiddies, LLC, featured the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star in an Instagram story in August 2020.

The footage of the two out to dinner together naturally led to dating suspicions.


Aileen wrote one of the images on her Instagram Story with the phrase “Nothing is sadder than meeting the right person at the wrong moment.”

She commented in another, “When I upload my new n—a what should I display.”

Many admirers were perplexed by the strange pairing, and some were unsure whether another date was really possible.

Later, a source said that the two had never been dating and that the video was really from when they had dinner together once a year earlier.

Rob has previously dated a few A-list celebrities. He had an affair with Growing Up Hip Hop actress Angela Simmons after his two-year romance with Adrienne Bailon.