EP Promises More From EC’s Acapocalypse

At midnight on September 4th, Acapocalypse released their EP ‘Anima’ on iTunes, Loudr and Spotify. Since then it has reached the #1 spot on the Vocal Performance chart according to iTunes. But for this up and coming group, it’s not the sales they crave. For them, the three day experience of producing this album and […]

photo: Ian Chamenko

EC Faces: Moose

This weekend, I had the distinct privilege of sitting down for a Hub exclusive: one-on-one interview with the effortlessly gregarious Moose Berens. Let’s hear what Emmanuel College’s biggest heartthrob has to say about his EC experience. The Hub: Hi Moose, thanks for taking the time to sit down with the Hub. Moose: Yeah, no problem. H: Let’s […]

SGA President Amy Chung'15

Meet Amy Chung: SGA President

If you participate in any clubs or activities around campus, chances are you’re no stranger to Amy Chung, a familiar face around EC. The senior English and Communications major from Canton, MA has been an OL, is a member of  the 1804 society, an admissions ambassador, a S.A.G.E  guide, a front desk assistant in St. […]

Around Campus

Photo: Emmanuel College

Class of 2018: A Numerical Snapshot

A new year at Emmanuel has begun, and in its stride a new class has emerged. Besides creating neckwear out of the student ID, the class of 2018 reveals many changes to the school’s population. The class is made up of around 563 students, which does not differ immensely from sizes years before. But some statistics […]

OSAMP Digitizes Paperwork, Creates EC Learn Group for Student Organizations

If you’re on the executive board of an on-campus organization, you may have noticed a decrease in emails and portal announcements this semester—we can all thank Amma Marfo, Assistant Director of Student Activities for that. Over the summer, Marfo developed an ECLearn group titled ‘Student Organization Leaders’ which includes the members of all of the […]

Marian Ryan, DA of Middlesex County

Notable EC Alumni: Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan ’76

Since Emmanuel’s beginnings in 1919, many alumni have been known to make significant contributions in a variety of fields. Notable alumni include Mary Beth Cahill, political figure and former campaign manager for John Kerry’s democratic Presidential campaign, US Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan, and recently, Marian Ryan, Middlesex County DA. Ryan beat out opponent and Middlesex […]

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Photo:  www.mikevalanzola.com

Mike Valanzola ’07 Seeks State Senate Seat

Alum Mike Valanzola ’07, Wales native, is currently running for the Massachusetts State Senate. Valanzola says his time at Emmanuel greatly influenced his decision to run for Senate. While he was here, he studied Political Science and English Communications, as well as participated in a number of student organizations. Valanzola also credits the supportive faculty […]

Photo: Ian Chamenko

Students at BU Protest Robin Thicke, Few Show Up

In the few weeks that the change.org petition was online, a total of 2,983 people signed to keep Robin Thicke from performing at the Agganis Arena. On the Facebook page, a total of 101 people stated that they were going to attend the protest. In reality, about 15 people showed up. This is a stark […]

Photo: Michelle Uthoff-Campbell

Robin Thicke Protest at BU– Too Far or Just Enough?

What really creates the controversy around Robin Thicke’s song “Blurred Lines”? Is it the lyrics that celebrate having sex with women against their will or the objectification of women in the corresponding music video? Or is it simply the desire to argue about something? This is not a new concept, for years women have been objectified […]

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The Week’s End

Photo: Dan4th Nicholas,Flickr/CC

10 Times You Realized You Were In A Relationship With Food

1. When you were excited for Valentine’s Day, not because of the prospect of spending a romantic night with another human being, but rather because you knew on February 15th all that candy would be on sale. 2. When you got home at 2:00am and realized that going home from the bar alone doesn’t feel so lonely […]


Why ‘Girls’ is the Show of Our Generation

“I don’t mean to freak you out…but I think I may be the voice of my generation. Or at least a voice. Of a generation.” Though Hannah Horvath of the HBO comedy series Girls is definitely not meant to be taken seriously with that narcissistic line, the show she is the center of is nothing but a spot-on depiction of young adult millennials. […]

Boston Calling

Boston Calling Promises Exciting Taste of Nostalgia

There’s a whole lot to love when spring comes around. Warmth, sun, and some good, old-fashioned indie rock. The spring lineup was recently released for Boston Calling and holy nostalgia, anyone in their 20’s is probably giddy about it. For anyone that doesn’t already know, Boston Calling is a weekend festival that takes place twice […]

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Photo: Juliette Luchini

Over the Rainbow with Brian Burns: A Tragic Child of Heterosexuals

I used to spread mayonnaise on saltines because life wasn’t depressing enough. I wasn’t on the BRAT diet nor was I orphaned, but I still spent the greater half of eighth grade slathering cholesterol globs over full-sodium crackers. It wasn’t delicious but I had spent enough afternoons mourning empty raisin bran boxes to know that […]

Written Up with Paul: Date Yourself

Editor’s Note: Paul Rowley ’16 will be joining The Hub as a columnist this year, aside from his regular contributions as a staff writer. Below is the first installment of “Written Up with Paul.” I wish my Okcupid profile and biography read something like this: About me: Hi! My name is Paul, and I’m a twenty […]

Letter From the Editors: Welcome Back

Despite temperatures that indicate otherwise, another summer has come to an end. In its place, we find ourselves migrating back to campus with new schedules, new textbooks, and new school policies. The class of 2014 has since departed and left another class to rise to senior rank, making room for a new crop of first […]

Photo: Naomi Versteijlen

Swede Nothings with Brian Burns: My Country, ‘Tis of Thee

I stopped putting my hand over my heart during the Pledge of Allegiance at 11 years old. America was in the thick of the Bush years, the Dixie Chicks were an estrogen-fueled-country-crossover-hit away from being tried with treason, and Crash won Best Picture instead of Brokeback Mountain. There wasn’t much about America that my prepubescent-self could be proud […]


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