BREAKING: Mugging In Roxbury

BREAKING (1:13pm): At approximately 9:30pm last night, Paul Rowley ’16 was mugged in Mission Hill. According to the portal announcement posted by Campus Safety, the assailant demanded the Rowley’s valuables and wallet, threatening him with an unseen gun. Rowley gave the mugger $20 and the suspect fled toward Ruggles St. Rowley was not harmed. “He asked, ‘Do you want […]

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QOTW: Brittany Maynard and Assisted Suicide

Controversial activist Brittany Maynard chose to pass away on Saturday, November 1st, 2014. Having been diagnosed with stage four glioblastoma multiforme, a terminal form of brain cancer, the twenty nine year old ingested prescribed medications in accordance with Oregon’s “Death with Dignity Act.” The process of Maynard’s diagnosis and decision to move to Oregon, one of […]

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Meet the Seven New Clubs Approved This Semester

This semester the SGA approved seven new clubs and organizations on campus. The list of new clubs is as follows: Accounting Club EC Math Club EC Emergency Medical Services (ECEMS) EC Mock Trial Team EC Collegiate Youth in Government NAMI On Campus: “Students Against Stigma” Graphic Design Club We reached out to the presidents of […]

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Commencement Speaker 2015: Boston Cardinal Seán Patrick O’Malley

“I am pleased to announce that Archbishop of Boston Cardinal Seán Patrick O’Malley, O.F.M. Cap. will deliver Emmanuel’s 2015 Commencement address” Sister Janet Eisner announced last Friday over the Emmanuel Portal. Seán Patrick O’Malley and an additional guest, President/chief executive officer to the Council of New England, James T. Brett, will both be receiving honorary degrees […]

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Professor Silver Weighs in on November’s Midterm Elections

With the looming reality of a Republican controlled House and Senate, Professor Adam Silver of the Political Science Department weighs in on what it all means. Republicans earned a net gain of between eight to nine seats in the Senate (we’re still waiting on Louisiana, though Silver predicts it will go to the Republicans) and […]

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Brian Burns ’16 on Being Included In The Next State House Time Capsule

In a hundred years, the savage mosaic of the internet will be triumphantly sewn back together, despite efforts more than a century previous by Comcast and Kim Kardashian to break the World Wide Web forever. Boston’s municipal government will reveal the contents of the Old (future Citibank) State House time capsule, where a letter written […]

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Patriots Take AFC East Lead with Strong Second Half Against Buffalo

Looking sharp for the second straight week, the New England Patriots went up to Buffalo on Sunday and took a 37-22 victory over the Bills. The Patriots built off their momentum from the previous week, led by Tom Brady, who had 4 touchdown passes and over 300 yards throwing. Coming into this game, many people believed […]

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Artists’ Sculptures Vandalized in Back Bay Fens

On Tuesday, September 30th, a press release from the Energy Necklace exhibition on the Emerald Necklace in the Fens stated that eight sculptures in the exhibit had been vandalized and stolen. The exhibit had been open for a mere two weeks before the eight works of sculptor Peter Kronberg were destroyed and a delicate sculpture by […]

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How Safe Is Emmanuel?

Last week, Emmanuel released the Annual Campus Security and Fire Report, which details all of the crime on and nearby campus. The 47-page report includes Emmanuel’s procedures and policies, a list of awareness and prevention programs, safety tips, and even a table of campus safety phone numbers and national hotline services. But the most crucial part of […]

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The Week’s End

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“Untitled” A Photo Series by Juliette Luchini

Juliette Luchini ’16 is a junior here at EC. She is currently working towards a BFA in Studio Art with a minor in photography. Juliette also runs her own blog featuring recipes, D.I.Y tutorials,outfit inspiration, and photography. Check out her blog here and her Instagram here .

“Journey” A Poem by Abbi Matheson

Enveloped as if by a warm blanket Sitting in the front seat Watching people pass as I wait Their lips move in conversation Faces show laughter and amusement But the glass hides the sound I want to start the car and Drive off never looking back Never coming back Leaving behind the people who Do […]


Playlist of the Week

This week’s theme is quiet tunes because I have a hangover. Nothing is beautiful and everything hurts.   1. Delicate- Damien Rice 2. Satellite- Dave Matthews Band 3. Wonderwall-Ryan Adams 4. Can’t Help Falling In Love- Ingrid Michaelson 5. Walk On the Wildside-Lou Reed 6. Skinny Love- Bon Iver 7. Oh! Sweet Nuthin’- The Velvet Underground […]

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Seen in the Emmanuel College bookstore; an appropriate place for the likeness of Halo.

Written Up With Paul: Bad Dog, Worse PR

Bob Barker spent his career urging a daytime television audience watching “The Price is Right” to spay and neuter their pets and help maintain the animal population. Has anyone checked if Halo is fixed? I ask because this aloof, pathetic, disquieting genderless K9 should be vehemently prohibited from establishing a lineage of its own. #StopHaloEC […]

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QOTW: How Do You Feel About The Senate Election?

In this installment of the Question of the Week, Hub writers Brian Burns and Ian Chamenko asked 400 The Fenway how they felt after last week’s midterm elections. Unfortunately, it seems our sampling tended to be, overall, a little less than… participatory. Haley Walinksy: I didn’t vote. But am I allowed to? I’m from Rhode Island. Richard Audet: […]


Written Up With Paul: Smoking Can be Made Safe Again

Something lit off a crime spree in the Fenway this fall (maybe the real culprit is anxiety, and ironically no one can enjoy their menthols on campus for relief.) Armed robberies of students hanging out after dark, veiled neither by their discretion or puffing smoke. Eventually, community alerts amount to as much as the Surgeon General’s warning, but […]

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Over the Rainbow with Brian Burns: MBTA Is a 4-Letter Word

I’m standing in the hallway of an apartment in Allston, wearing nothing but day-and-a-half-old boxer briefs, and I need to use the bathroom. It’s the last weekend before the new semester begins and I’d spent the night at a friend’s place after two bottles of wine and three failed attempts at pronouncing “uber.” Me, my […]


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